Beyond 1 Review

Disclaimer: This is a review of a sex toy. It is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Beyond 1 G-spot sex toys and I get along really great sometimes. Other times I find myself shaking toys in frustration, wondering if I’m doing it wrong or its just a horrible creation, or just laughing at its sad, sad attempts to get me off.

I’m like the freakin’ Goldilocks of g-spot toys. I need toys that, firstly, are long enough to reach my slightly-higher-than-“normal” g-spot, but not so long that it feels as if it is trying to find out what the inside of my stomach feels like. Secondly, material! The material a sex toy is made from is always important; of course porous materials like jelly should either be used with caution or avoided, but because I really love pressure on my g-spot, a soft but firm material is always preferred.

MyPleasure gave me the opportunity to try out the Beyond 1 g-spot vibrator.

It arrived, in standard Ophoria fashion, in a beautiful narrow white box with the Ophoria name on the front and sides, as well as the name of the toy. Toys made by Ophoria are not only high quality in themselves, but every part of the experience they provide, including the packaging, has a lot of obvious, serious thought put into it. What differs about the packaging of the Beyond 1, however, is that as soon as you open the white box and take out the inside pink box where the Beyond 1 is held inside, in black fitted padding, you immediately notice a distinct smell that verges on chemical-y. I am not the only one whose product came bearing this stench and MyPleasure sent me an email a few days ago saying that they in fact mentioned the smell to Ophoria who are planning on new packaging in the near future. Hooray!

After I thoroughly and repeatedly washed the Beyond 1 with a mild and all-natural all-purpose soap, choosing a soap that contained no harsh chemicals that could ruin the toy, but also smelled a whole lot better than the packaging, I put it to some very good use.

The Beyond 1 is very unique and so obviously created for the purpose of mastering g-spot stimulation with minimal effort. It is about 7 1/2 inches in total length, 6 inches of that is insertable, and its shaft has a drastic curve for pinpoint g-spot stimulation. The head of the Beyond 1 is rounded and firm enough to apply ample pressure against the g-spot, but since it is made of high-grade, body-safe silicone, it is also very pliable and flexible and velvety to the touch, which makes it incredibly comfortable in-use without the feeling that it could puncture your stomach. It is also 1 1/2 inches in diameter at its widest point, which gives you a surprisingly nice sense of fullness, which is awesome.

Along the shaft, running along the inside of the curve, are three distinct ridges. Honestly, at first I thought nothing of these ridges. I couldn’t feel them at first and could take them or leave them. That is until I used it a few more times and on one occasion, in particular, I used it until I was extremely sensitive and ran the ridges against my clit. Hallelujah! We found a use for the ridges! These ridges are normally meant for extra arousal and pleasurable sensations upon insertion and removal, but they were only very apparent when I was already very aroused and sensitive.

The Beyond 1 takes two AAA batteries and the vibrations are, well, what you’d expect from two AAA batteries. With its three speeds, the only speed I can recommend doing much of anything is the highest. The lowest and middle speeds are kind of laughable in terms of intensity, but would work for someone who needs very, very little intensity to get them going. In addition to the three speeds, the Beyond 1 also has six escalation and pulsation patterns, perfect if you’re one to take time with yourself, starting with the slowest settings and working your way through them to the highest. The batteries are very easily inserted by twisting off the very bottom of the base, right below the silver lining, and then twisting back on. The power button of the Beyond 1 is located on the cap; not on the very bottom, but sort of verging off to the side. Press it once to turn it on and it starts on the lowest setting. Press it again for the second-to-lowest vibration, and again for the highest vibration. Press it again to cycle through the vibration modes and to turn it off, just hold the button in for a few seconds.

I highly enjoyed the Beyond 1. It’s a great size, it has a perfect curve, and I really cannot tell you how much I enjoy the rounded head; it is amazing and it makes for lots of phenomenal squirting. It also doesn’t absorb (water-based) lube, like some toys can. It gets very slick with just a small amount of lube squirted onto the tip of your fingers and it lasts.

One problem I do have with the Beyond 1 is that while the handle-area is about 1 1/2 inches long, it isn’t long enough and if you use a generous amount of lube with it, it can get a little messy with lube seeping down to your fingers that are wrapped around the handle and then you keep losing your grip. This can get a bit frustrating, to say the least.

The Beyond 1 is on sale at MyPleasure for $69.95 and also includes a manual and 1-year warranty.


Thanks to MyPleasure for the opportunity to review the Beyond 1. Check them out to see all the other g-spot vibrators they stock!

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