10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas Based on His Personality

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching…again. Each year it seems as though the majority of people I speak with about this special day are in the same position: wanting to find something that dad will enjoy, but isn’t the same gift he received in previous years. Of course pinpointing dad’s distinct personality would go a long way in helping to find something just right for him.

Below we’ve covered 10 different personality types that should help in giving you some great gift ideas for the special dad in your life.

  1. The Creative Dad

    If your dad is interested in new and innovative ideas, or appreciates photography and art, then he most likely has a very creative side to him. Finding something for the creative dad is fairly easy; however, it will come down to your budget. For example, you could get him a new camera, which is on the higher end, or a book on photography for taking unique photos. Another idea would be framing one of your favorite candid shots that you have of him.

  2. The Do-It-Yourself Dad

    Perhaps your dad is very handy and likes to build, create, or simply repair everything around the house and garage. He probably has many of the tools you might be able to think of, but does he have a personalized tool holder or a sign for the garage? Another great idea is a kit to build something, such as a table, bench, or even a bird house. I know of someone who is very handy but runs out of ideas and projects, so a book on making wood furniture pieces would be ideal.

  3. The Health Nut Dad

    Aside from the obvious pair of running shoes, you could always get your health-crazed dad a portable and digital personal trainer. A friend of mine received one of these from his company and it changed his life. When you can see firsthand each calorie you take in and burn up, you take notice at what it is doing to your body. So if your dad is just in the beginning stages of getting healthy, this would be a great gift choice.

  4. The Geeky Dad

    Is your dad a bit of a nerd? If he still enjoys a game of Pac-Man, we have an awesome gift idea. For the old-fashioned geek, how about a Pac-Man 30th Anniversary arcade game? You could also get him memorabilia for his Man Cave.

    For the modern geek, there are many options from the latest technology in computers, phones, or gaming systems. We have all met someone who thoroughly enjoys all of the superhero movies and comic books, so plan a night out to the latest superhero movie with your dad.

  5. The Cool and Hip Dad

    For the dad who likes to stay current with trends, check out the latest in technology, such as the latest versions of the iPhone or iPad, or look through internet retailers or catalogs for the the latest styles in shoes or sunglasses for the stylish dad in your life.

  6. The Entertaining Dad

    For the dad who loves to entertain, how about personalized shot glasses or a home brewing kit? If cooking is more of his thing, look to unique cooking tools and vessels such as a smoker or a turkey deep fryer. Another thought is to get a yard game such as a lawn bowling set or volleyball net. If he has his own Man Cave with a bar, check to see if he has a sign for the bar. Friends of mine have a beautiful bar, including a back mirror with “Smith’s Tavern” etched into it. That is rather costly, so I’m not suggesting that, but you could find a stand-alone sign for a decent price. You could also help him spruce up his walls with football wall murals.

  7. The Outdoorsy Dad

    Are camping, fishing, and hunting trips at the top of your dad’s list for vacations? Tools for hunting, such as a bow or a knife set are a great idea. There are also heated vests that you an get him if he likes to hunt in colder weather. For the boater, a waterproof case for his phone or iPod are practical and make for great gifts.

  8. The Sports Fan Dad

    Sports fans not only like to play sports, but often like to attend sporting events. You could always get tickets for a game played by his favorite team for the two of you and make it a bonding experience for you both. If he is more hands-on and active, consider getting him lessons for his favorite sport. A few lessons with a golf pro or a driving class with a certified NASCAR School would be a thrill for any fan.

  9. The Spiritual Dad

    If your dad is into meditation and has a real spiritual side to him, check to see if he has a meditation chair or mat. There are other tools, such a CD’s or stress relief balls that he could appreciate. If he lives with chronic pain, you could also get him an acupuncture mat.

  10. The Intellectual Dad

    I am now necessarily saying that some fathers are not intelligent, but there are men who crave intellectual stimulation, which they could get through a good game of Chess or by reading a great book. Chances are he will have several books, so you might want to consider a great set of bookends or a personalized bookmark. You could always bring him into this generation if he is lagging behind with an eReader such as the Kindle.

Hopefully I have shared some good gift ideas for dad with you. I think it’s important to take your dad’s personality into consideration when buying him a gift, rather than what we want to buy. If all else fails, just spend some time with him; that is always more valuable than any other gift you can buy.

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