wedding food bars

13 Inspired Food Bars for Your Rustic Outdoor Wedding

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wedding food bars

Posting has been extremely light around here over the last few weeks, and I assure you that I have some very good reasons. The happiest of those reasons, though, is that after a 3-year engagement and 9 1/2 years together, my fiance and I are getting married this summer!

You would think that after such a long engagement that we would have our minds made up about what our perfect wedding day looks like. And you would be wrong. In fact, I’m pretty sure our inability to truly make decisions is what contributed to us having such a lengthy engagement. After looking into the traditional ways in which couples usually go about planning and executing their big day, we settled on a complete DIY event right in our very own backyard. For us, getting married in the space we live in and have shared so many great memories in is perfect. Going the DIY route means that there are more plans, preparations, and projects than ever, and we’ve only got a little over a month to go.

In what is perhaps the most perfect timing ever, Woman Tribune has partnered with MODE to put together two unique collections of ideas and money-saving tips for wedding season.

If you’re a couple after our own hearts, big on DIY and the rustic outdoors, check out 13 Inspired Food Bars for Your Rustic Outdoor Wedding below. We’ve scoured the wedding blogosphere for the most unique ways to display and serve your delicious treats.

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Check out 13 Inspired Food Bars for Your Rustic Outdoor Wedding

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24 thoughts on “13 Inspired Food Bars for Your Rustic Outdoor Wedding”

  1. I love ALL of these ideas. My sister did a cupcake decorating station at her wedding last year and I thought it was the coolest idea.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! You definitely have a great reason for not posting so much! I can’t wait see what you come up with in the decor and food department. Planning a wedding can be both fun and stressful. I like all in one venues.

  3. everything is gorgeous! getting a few ideas myself I can tweak for our next barbecue party hehe.

    Congratulations and may the big wedding day be always justb as you imagined it to be.

  4. I wish you could post more photos lol, I like your idea, planning fir a wedding is not very easy. This can be helpful.

  5. I saw a smores bar with different flavored marshmallows and chocolates a few days ago.

    We had a traditional wedding for the most part but we did quite a bit of the decor ourselves. A few friends pitched in and helped with decor they already had.

    We served fruit, cheese, chocolate covered strawberries, and cake. It was perfect. I wish you and your soon to be husband all the best. I hope your wedding day is everything that you have imagined it to be.

  6. 13 Inspired Food Bars for Your Rustic Outdoor Wedding has a lot of good ideas. I never would have thought of a pancake bar either but it does sound delicious!

  7. These are some awesome food bar ideas for a rustic or outdoor wedding. I love the pizza bar idea. Congrats to you both on your Summer wedding. I think it is awesome you are choosing to do the wedding in your backyard. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are all some great and unique ideas. The food bar looks so yummy and everything looks so gorgeous. I like to share this with my friend who is planning for a wedding shortly.

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