3 Inspiring Outdoor Locations for Small Summer Weddings

beach wedding

Wedding planning is a time-consuming and difficult task that takes some soon-to-be married couples up to a year, and sometimes even longer, to plan perfectly, with attention being given to even the smallest of details. Summer is an extremely popular season for weddings because you are able to have an outdoor event that is not only immensely beautiful, with nature providing an awe-inspiring backdrop all on its own, but it is also easiest to accommodate a large group of guests who can enjoy your ceremony and reception comfortably, weather-permitting, of course.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, here are three outstanding outdoor location ideas perfect for small and intimately-sized weddings that are guaranteed to be beautiful and full of romantic charm:

  1. The Beach

    If you live near a beach, getting married in the sand, standing along the shore, and having the waves rush up and cover the feet of you and your soon-to-be spouse as you exchange your vows is a scenario that any beach-lover would appreciate and look back fondly on throughout their lives. If you don’t live near a beach, destination weddings, especially Hawaii weddings, have become very popular. If you are having trouble planning your wedding all on your own, especially if you will be traveling to an area you are not familiar with, find a resort that offers beach wedding packages to make planning easier; it will also help to avoid the hassle of having to obtain the right permit for your event.

  2. Your Own Backyard

    If you and your fiance live in a home with a large enough backyard to accommodate the guests you will invite to your wedding, your own backyard is a perfect location. It is incredibly romantic to get married in a space that you and your partner share, or will share, and plan to make a home for yourselves in throughout the foreseeable future. Before you plan your big backyard bash, however, take the space constraints of your backyard into consideration, as well as the parking available for your guests. There is also a chance that your backyard could incur some damage throughout the festivities, but a big positive side to this is that you won’t be paying a site fee and your day is bound to be relaxing and just plain fun.

  3. Public and State Parks

    Parks provide an amazing backdrop of the simple beauty of nature, and they can make really great wedding locations. A list of public and state parks in your area can be easily searched for online, and the fees for having an event at one of these locations are usually relatively inexpensive. Keep in mind that you may have to obtain a permit for having your wedding at a public or state park, and there will be rules specific to each park that you will need to plan your wedding festivities around. Other prime public wedding locations besides parks include gardens, farms, arboretums, and national historic sites in your area, or in the area you are planning to have your wedding in.

Whatever type of location speaks to you and your fiance, it is important to choose a location that really exemplifies who you are. The opinions of your family, friends, and wedding attendees don’t matter nearly as much as that of yourself and the person you are marrying. It’s your wedding day and it will be the beginning of the rest of your lives together; get married in a setting that you both enjoy and, when looking back on your special day, you couldn’t imagine being located anywhere else.

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