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3 Simple Tools That Make it Easy to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be a nightmare if you don’t know where to begin. From invitations to location, food, and activities, there are countless things that need to be done to get ready. Luckily, there are a number of websites and apps that have made planning events like these much easier.

Here are three simple tools that you can use to plan the perfect baby shower for the mom-to-be in your life:

1. Find a Date That Works for Everyone

Choosing a date for an event can be a hassle. Because everyone has different schedules that have a tendency to change on a dime, it can be difficult and downright frustrating to find a date and time when everyone is available.

Instead of spending your time and energy making dozens of phone calls or sending out text messages, try simplifying the situation by using an online scheduling tool. Websites like Doodle are helpful in finding a date and time that will work for everyone on your guest list. With this method, simply log in to your account and choose a number of available dates and times that your guests can choose from. Then, enter the email addresses of everyone that you would like to invite so that they can enter their availability and you can find the perfect time that works for most everyone you invite without the hassle of having to call everyone up one by one.

2. Send Electronic Invitations

Physical invitations are always a nice touch, but they can be expensive and time consuming. Instead of sending snail mail invitations, you can opt for an online service such as Evite, which allows you to create a professional looking electronic invitation. There are free designs available, or you can pay a bit more for premium designs that allow for a bit more customization. Using this platform, you can also have guests RSVP through the e-card, making your guest list organized and easy to access.

3. Create an Online Registry

To ensure that the guest of honor receives the perfect gifts at her baby shower, make sure that she has an online gift registry that everyone can access. The best way to do this is by consolidating registries on a website such as Here, the mother-to-be can sync her preexisting registries from most major retailers and can new items instantly through a button added to their browser. Share the link on your electronic invitation to ensure that everyone has easy access.

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