4 Ways to Add Creativity to Your Child’s Bedroom

Disney princess wall decals As you think through the task of transitioning from a baby’s nursery to a child’s bedroom there is much to consider. The biggest thing that you hear parents say is that you want to incorporate a bit of creativity–and that may be easier than you think!

With a few simple but well-worked details you can lighten up the room, give it a great lift, and make it a room that your child will love. You will be proud to have this creative masterpiece as part of your home, and your little one won’t be able to get enough of their new little home. That’s what we call a true win-win in parenting!

  1. Find a theme that you can execute well.

    The key to not only decorating a child’s room, but to transitioning it from a nursery, is to find the right theme. Let your child help with picking a theme that they like and guide them towards something that they have a better chance of sticking with for the long haul.

    A perfect example is princesses, and a great way to bring in creativity and theme-centered details is through Disney princess giant wall stickers. Here’s the best part–your child will love it as it keeps within their theme and you will love it as it shows creativity in a very organized manner. You can’t go wrong if you pick a theme that is classic and bound to be around for a long time. Then the room sort of takes on a shape all its own!

  2. Think of every detail.

    Once you have selected the theme, then you should incorporate every little detail. That’s not to say that you need to have all princesses or cars from ceiling to floor, but you should use the theme as a centerpiece.

    Incorporate every single detail in the theme, associated colors, or elements from this idea so that the room is decked out. Find light fixtures, table lamps, pieces of furniture, toy bins, sheets, and other elements of the bedroom in the right color or theme. Use a pillow with a featured character if possible.

    Try to find a wall hanging and even curtains that blend in well with the theme or colors. The point here is that for true creativity, you want to think through every little detail and then tie it in as eloquently as possible. It really does work!

  3. Let your child help with the decorations–literally.

    Though you may be hesitant to do this elsewhere, their bedroom is the perfect place. If you are going with a color scheme, then let your little Picasso paint a perfectly colored portrait to frame and hang on the walls.

    If you are really adventurous and want that perfect touch, then let them paint something special on the wall. They can even get in on in the painting if you are putting up new colors; just be sure to give them a little direction.

    Allowing them to get involved and to add a fun little elements of their own creativity can really help to spin the room in the best possible light. This is a time to embrace that little artist and they can help to bring the room to light.

  4. Celebrate this milestone with one special centerpiece.

    Talk with your child and let them get involved in picking out one special centerpiece for the room. Perhaps it’s a special car toddler bed or a pale pink princess dresser that is the focal point of the room. Perhaps they just want a ballerina statue or a pirate piggy bank. Let them have a say in this and then tie it into the room appropriately. This can really allow them to get excited and to utilize their creativity. Then when you look at the room, this piece that they selected with your help will become a true focal point.

No matter what type of theme or colors you are going with, you can always find a way to be creative. This is a fun time for your child, so work with them and come up with some creative and fun ideas together. This is how you mark this special occasion in their little life!

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