4 Ways to Give Your Space Some Serious Beachy Vibes

We all love the idea of being able to escape to our own private beach house whenever we might like. Unfortunately, we can’t all wake up to the sounds of the ocean all year round, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the space we do have feel a little more like the beach getaway of our dreams.

Whether you live in a house on the beach, an apartment in the city, or a cabin in the woods, here are four ways to give your space some serious beachy vibes this summer. Remember, if you have a room that requires extensive work, it might be best to hire a professional. A bathroom remodeling contractor can give you the nautical bathroom of your dreams without the threat of causing damage.

1. A Coastal Color Palette

color sea
Design Seeds

A color palette inspired by sand, surf, and sun will immediately transport you to the coast. Incorporate the natural colors of the ocean over crisp whites and muted grays for endless design possibilities, like accent walls and bold accessories. Shades of ocean blues would include cerulean for calmer water, cobalt for nighttime seas, and sky blue mixed with a tinge of silver for sunlit waves in the morning.

2. Classic Nautical Themes

nautical foyer
Birch Lane

A nautical theme is a classic coastal decor choice that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Depending on the accessories you choose, it can be playful or more sophisticated. Use a combination of navy blue and sailor white to accentuate the natural qualities of the ocean. Create a cohesive look with bold stripes and fabrics, natural wood and ropes, decorative anchors, oars, and even a ship’s wheel.

3. Bring Pieces of Nature Inside

seashell mirror
Martha Stewart

Your beach house decor isn’t all bold stripes and decorative anchors. There are many natural accents that you can get straight from the beach to decorate your space. Everyone who has visited the beach has picked seashells along the shore. The best time to go hunting for seashells is the very early morning. The tide is out from a night of being inland and you can find the most perfect, intact seashells on the shoreline. A beautiful array of seashells, sand dollars, and starfish instantly and inexpensively adds an organic accent to the room. You can also arrange them in oversize glass vases for bookshelf accents or in wooden boxes for a centerpiece.

You can use your little treasures in countless craft projects to decorate your home, such as shadowboxes, votive candles, wind chimes, and to line picture frames or a large mirror for your bathroom or bedroom.

For another organic accent, add small hooks to a piece of drift wood to make a small coat hanger. Or, secure several pieces of found wood together to create a unique headboard.

seashell print
My Someday in May

For seashells you don’t have to scour the shoreline for, this 16×20 vintage seashell wall art from My Someday in May would be a perfect addition to any beach house or beach-inspired space.

4. A Cozy Place to Put Your Feet Up

hanging chair
Byron Bay Hanging Chairs

Of course, no beach house is complete without a cozy place to get some serious rest and relaxation. Isn’t that the reason why we all wish we could escape to the beach in the first place? You can create your perfect beach-inspired seating area with classic Adirondack chairs, great, big wicker furniture, a hammock, hanging chair, or even a DIY wood pallet covered in oversized cushions tied to a tree or porch.

Whatever you decide, make sure it’s comfortable enough to curl up with a summer beach read and get lost in somebody else’s world for a little while.

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