5 Apps Every Fashionista Should Have

Go Try It On Fashion is always changing and sometimes it can be hard to keep up, but there’s an app for that. With new smartphones and apps being developed everyday, it is no surprise that there are apps to help you keep up with the latest trends and help you keep looking your best. Accessories are the best way to amp up your style, so having a stylish phone, like one of the LG phones, a blackberry, or an iPhone, gives you access to apps (like those below) so that you can keep up with today’s fashion trends while staying stylish.

  1. Dream Closet

    Dream Closet lets you organize your closet online as well as find other items to put on your wishlist. The app lets you take pictures of your clothes, add notes for the different items, and then save them in your virtual closet. Once you have pictures of everything, you can put together outfits using your pictures. If you feel like you are missing that perfect item, you can search for images online and add them to your outfit and wishlist. You can build your wishlist by searching for outfits and accessories online and adding them to your favorites. This app lets you build your dream closet with any outfit that you can dream up. Currently, Dream Closet is only available for the iPhone.

  2. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope gives you up-to-date information on fashion trends from different blogs, fashion editors, celebrities, and runways. The app contains different pictures from around the net, giving you access to the latest styles. When you find a style that you love, you can easily search for the different pieces you would need to create the look for yourself. You can find items that are similar to those in the picture by clicking the different Shop the Look tabs. In the tabs, you can see different items that fit the style, where to buy them, and the price. It is also easy to share the style with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and fellow Pinners. Kaleidoscope is perfect for those who want the latest styles, and is a free app available through iTunes and Google Play.

  3. Style.com

    Style.com is one of the leading websites with all of the latest fashion news. Now you can keep up even on-the-go with Style.com’s app. The app gives you current updates for parties, runway shows, and catwalks. You can also stream Style.com videos from the latest runway shows around the world. The app is continually updated, giving you this season’s latest styles and news. You can browse through different looks and pictures by designers and celebrities. Style.com helps you stay informed of the latest fashion trends around the world. This is a free app that is available for iPhone, iPad, and the Nook.

  4. Go Try It On

    There are a lot of times when you are trying on clothes and you want some honest opinions. This app lets you take pictures of the clothes you are trying on, whether it’s at home or in the store, and then upload them to your fashion network for honest feedback. Go Try It On lets you sign up with your current social media login, and then you can ask your personal stylists and friends about an outfit. If you are trying to decide between two different looks, you can easily upload multiple looks for the occasion and poll your personal stylist network. Once you have uploaded the photo and added a small description, your friends and stylists will be alerted that you need advice on a new ensemble. Go Try It On is a great app for people wanting real and honest advice about their latest look. You can get this app in the iTunes store for free.

  5. Pose

    Pose is an app that is backed by stylist Rachel Zoe that lets you see what style trendsetters are wearing that day. You can strike a pose and upload it to the Pose Network; once you have uploaded the pose, you can tag it, add a description, and share it with different social networks. In the app you can follow your favorite stylists and brands, mark your favorite poses, and join in the discussions about different poses. The app covers every style from head-to-toe. This is a free app that is available on both iPhones and Android phones.

This is a guest post by Whitney Adams, a freelance writer for AndGeeks.com. Whitney’s articles tend to delve into the more technical and complex problems that society struggles with when it comes to technology. She loves breaking those problems down and offering clear, bite-sized solutions for the average user. When she’s not online or surfing Pinterest, Whitney and her camera enjoy taking walks around her quaint hometown and exploring the antique markets.

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  1. I like the idea of Dream Closet but don’t have time to upload my entire closet. Woah that would be work but I think it would be worth it. I don’t always remember everything that I own. So I could benefit. I think I will add the kaleidoscope app. I like to keep up with the latest fashion.

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