Out on the Town: 5 Places to Wear a Floor-Length Dress

Nothing exudes elegance and sophistication like a floor-length dress. Many women fantasize about wearing a long, beautiful dress like the celebrities on the red carpet but don’t think they have any occasion to wear such a thing. The truth is there are countless opportunities to wear floor-length dresses. Here are five great places to flaunt it in a formal dress.

1. Date Night

Date night doesn’t always have to be dinner and a movie. Instead, try mixing things up by attending the theater, am opera or a ballet and dressing to the nines in a stunning floor-length dress. Those who prefer doing instead of watching might enjoy taking ballroom dancing classes. Celebrate the completion of the class by donning an elegant evening dress and showcasing your skills on the dance floor of a local bar or restaurant. The two of you will look good and feel even better after a dressed up date.

2. Charity Event

floor-length dress There are many different opportunities to get involved with local or national charities. Many of these organizations hold galas or other formal fundraisers. Attending such events is a great way to give back to the community, network and meet new people, all while wearing a glamorous evening gown. An added bonus: the expense of special clothing worn to charity events may also be tax deductible depending on the nature of the event.

3. Cruise

Every year, millions of Americans vacation on a cruise. While the dress code will largely be determined by the cruise line and its destination, the dinner dress code is often a formal affair. This is an opportunity to wear not just one gown, but multiple floor-length dresses. A seven day voyage might require as many different dresses. That’s something every woman can get on board with!

4. Wedding

A common misconception is that it is taboo to wear a floor-length dress to a wedding if the invitation does not specifically say “white” or “black tie.” Many different etiquette experts and national publications have dispelled this myth in recent years. As long as the dress does not resemble a wedding dress is style or color — think white or cream — it is appropriate for formal or even semi-formal nuptials. In some cases, a light chiffon gown is even appropriate a beach wedding.

5. Girls Night Out

Half of the fun of a girl’s night out is getting ready to go. Get glammed up and head out to a favorite martini bar or have a girl’s night in and take turns snapping and posting pics of each other on favorite social media sites. Other ideas for a glammed up GNO include:

  • Wine tasting event
  • An Oscar party, complete with red carpet entrance
  • Casino night

Any occasion can be a special occasion when dressed in a flowing floor-length gown. With the right silhouette and a few must-have accessories it will certainly be a night to remember. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks either; there are a number of affordable evening dresses to choose from.

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