5 Reasons to Pack a Sarong for Any Trip During Any Season


A typical summertime staple, the sarong is a sexy yet effective cover-up for when you’re lounging around on the beach or hosting a summer barbecue by the pool. However, while the sarong is put to most use during the summer season, there are a myriad of other uses for them.

If you know how to tie a sarong, then you already have at least eight different go-to garments you can turn a simple sarong into, from skirts to dresses to wrap-around shirts and head scarves. But even if you have clothing and accessories covered, a sarong can come in handy in all sorts of different situations, particularly while traveling–and it doesn’t even have to be summertime. Here are five uses for a sarong that you may have not thought of before, and why you should have a sarong packed in your bag during any trip:

  1. Use it as a Blanket

    While this wouldn’t work in colder climates, given how thin a sarong is, if you get a chill while on an airplane, train, or bus, a sarong can help keep you warm. Because they fold up so small, sarongs can easily be kept in your purse or small piece of luggage and taken out at a moment’s notice whenever you get a chill.

  2. Use it as a Towel

    If you took an impromptu swim, had an unfortunate slip and fall incident into a water fountain, ran out of clean towels in your hotel room, or happen to be staying in a hostel that charges extra for towels, use a sarong to quickly dry off. Sarongs also dry quickly, so hang it up before you head out for a meal or a quick stroll and it will be dry by the time you return.

  3. Use it as a Bag

    Fold your sarong into a triangular shape and tie the corners together to create a makeshift bag that can be thrown over your shoulder to easily carry groceries or a few of your belongings.

  4. Use it as a Baby Carrier

    Traveling with a fussy baby is not pleasant, and it can be exhausting–especially if they are only soothed by being carried in your arms. Tie a sarong in that same triangular shape that I talked about above, and instead of piling in fresh fruits and vegetables, lay your baby inside of it. They will be comforted by being against your body, and their weight will distribute evenly across the front of your body to make carrying them even for a long period of time easier.

  5. Use it as an Emergency Distress Flag

    No one plans on getting lost or being in a potentially dangerous situation while traveling, so by packing a brightly colored sarong in your purse when you head out to explore a new area, you can use it to flag down a car for directions, help, or emergency care if you run into trouble.

If you don’t currently own a sarong, definitely consider purchasing one the next time you see them hanging from a sales rack or when a sale pops up on a website. With countless uses, a sarong will never be a wasted purchase, and in addition to being a fashionable accessory-turned-garment-turned-accessory, it just may help you make it through an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation while traveling.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fair Winds Sarongs. Incentive was provided to me, and opinions are my own.

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