5 Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy that Don’t Require Diet or Exercise

I pretty much hate everything about dieting–especially the fact that the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar megaforce–and I can’t really stick to an exercise schedule. One thing I definitely know about myself is that I am horrible when it comes to keeping a schedule of any kind; I always seem to fall out of whatever schedule I set forth for myself even though I never mean to.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what you can do to stay healthy when everything you read about health revolves around diet and exercise. Well, here are five things you can do to keep yourself revitalized and refreshed.

woman sleeping
Lack of sleep can do a lot more harm than a lot of people may be aware of; it can cause weight gain, it may shrink your brain and it can also put you at risk for developing heart disease. Getting enough sleep keeps you on track during the day and increases athletic performance.

woman on computer
I know just as well as any other self-respecting computer addict that there is definitely a time to unplug yourself from the internet. It’s addicting, it’s time-consuming and it often takes up more time than you mean it to, which can cause you to skip getting the physical benefits of going outside and giving yourself some fresh air.

couple cuddling
There are many, many benefits to responsible, safe, consensual sex; it boosts immunity, strengthens your pelvic floor muscles and reduces your risk of heart disease. Even not going all the way can be beneficial–the simple act of holding hands with someone reduces stress levels.

Get Centered
woman meditating
Meditating is a super easy way to alleviate stress and best of all, it’s totally free and you can do it anywhere, whenever you have the time.

girlfriends hanging out
Maintaining good friendships is key to healthy living. Research has actually shown that good social relationships may help you live longer while poor social relationships were found to be more harmful than not exercising.

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  1. Fantastic article! I love your points indeed it will really help me. I stress right now with work and family. I’ll get enough sleep from now on. Thanks for sharing!

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