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5 Tips for Making the Most of Natural Light

Sunlight pouring in through windows or a skylight can give a room a warm, comfortable atmosphere. So, you want to make the most of the natural light flowing into the rooms of your home. Check out these five tips that can help you accentuate the sunlight entering your rooms.

Paint the Walls

Do you have beautiful, large windows in your living room, dining room or bedroom? If so, you can enhance the sunlight coming through them by painting the walls a light color. Walls in white, beige, ivory or even a light pastel color serve to reflect sunlight coming into a room. This makes the room appear open and airy. If you don’t want solid white walls, try putting up a wallpaper border with an interesting design. A wallpaper border adds more color to the walls while still allowing the walls to reflect the sunlight.

Lighten Up the Carpeting

Do you have dark carpeting in a room with windows? If so, try replacing it with beige, white or light-colored carpeting. Like your walls, the carpeting can reflect the sunlight coming through the windows spreading it throughout the room. If you don’t want to tear up the dark carpeting in your room, you can put down a light-colored area rug on top of the carpet.

Put Up Some Mirrors

Hang a large mirror across from a window that lets in a lot of natural light. The mirror will reflect the light creating a more pleasant tone in the room. One of the best things about this tip is you can find a mirror with an elaborate gold, silver or wooden frame. This adds even more elegance to the room’s décor. Hang another smaller mirror on another wall of the room for added effect. Express your own creativity while choosing your mirrors!

Install Blinds that Accentuate Sunlight

Blinds or window coverings from a place like Next Day Blinds can go a long way to enhancing the natural light in any room of your home. For instance, blinds in light-colored wood can reflect the light that’s coming in the windows. Next Day Blinds shades with a roller design enhance the natural light while adding elegance to the décor of a room.

Choose Furniture Items with Care

Look at the furniture in your rooms. If you have a coffee table, end tables and dressers in dark wood, they aren’t really helping to enhance the sunlight that’s coming in. Replace some of your furniture items with some made of glass. For example, swap out your coffee table of walnut wood for a table with a glass top. The glass tabletop will reflect the sunlight flowing in. Get a glass display case for all of your miniature collectible figures or photos. Any piece of furniture with glass in its design can help to accentuate the sunlight.

Lastly, when you’re lucky enough to have a lovely window that lets in a lot of light, there are steps you can take to bring as much of it inside as you can. A full afternoon of filtered sunshine moving through a room can make your home an extra special place to be.

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