5 Ways to Keep Unwanted Critters Away

With warmer weather comes the need to prepare your home so that it doesn’t become a pest resort. Termites, ants, mice, raccoons, and other pests tend to take advantage of the warm summer weather and go in search of new homes and food sources. Once they move in, they’ll breed and invite the rest of their family over too. The last thing you want is to share your home with critters that can transform it from the safest and most comfortable place on Earth. To keep your home from becoming the next pest hotel, take advantage of the following pest prevention tips.

1. Check the Outside of Your Home

Many pests are attracted to homes because of the food and water sources that are located conveniently nearby. Trees, wood, and in some cases gardens can be a potential problem for your home if they are located within the immediate perimeter of your home. Any plants and foliage that are right outside your windows should be inspected by a professional pest control company to ensure they remain pest free. You should also avoid storing firewood, compost, water, and other potential food sources right next to your home. 20 feet is the recommended distance for firewood storage.

2. Eliminate the Water on the Inside

Pests love water and if your toilets are running and your sinks are leaking, then your home is in prime condition for a potential infestation. Make sure all faucets are turned completely off when they are not in use and get any leaks fixed right away. If your toilets keep running, you may need to have a professional plumber come out to repair them to keep your home free from infestation.

3. Clean Up

Even the smallest amount of junk, clutter, and dirt can make your home hospitable for unwanted creatures. Try to remember to pick up after yourself and to clean up often. If you have pets and little children, this may prove to be a bit challenging. However, keeping a careful eye out for clutter and implementing a routine to minimize it can go a long way toward keeping ants, mice, and other pests out of your home.

4. Make Home Improvements

Sometimes you may need to make a few improvements to your home in order keep pests from moving in. Kitchen Cabinet Kings recommends for you to revamp the cabinets in your kitchen with assembled cabinets so you can eliminate potential hiding spots for pests that you may have been previously unaware of.

5. Get an Inspection

Inspections are one of the best methods of defense you have against pest infestations. Since pests often cause damage that can go undetected for quite some time, it’s in your best interest to screen for them often. Pests can be very destructive to your home and cost you hundred and even thousands of dollars in repairs. When you think about how much money you could end up spending trying to correct any damage that is caused, it’s easy to see that getting regular inspections are much more cost-effective.

Don’t turn a blind eye to the dangers of pest infestations. Although you may be initially concerned about having to share your home with them, you need to remember that pests can cause a great deal of damage within a short amount of time. So protect your investment by doing your part to keep pests from inviting themselves over.

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