50 Influential Twitter Feeds for Women in Business and the Social Demographics of Twitter [infographic]

Twitter is a great place to get connected with influential people all over the world, but it’s especially useful for women in business. We can’t think of anywhere else where you can connect with influential women, businesses, and groups, and stay on top of the latest news all in one place.

Twitter has only become more popular and influential, amassing individuals, professionals, media organizations, mega-corporations, and even politicians and the President of the United States. The social media service has over 170 million registered users with at least 36% of them tweeting at least once per day.

Social Demographics of Twitter infographic

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This is all great of course, but where do you start? We’ve got a game plan all mapped out for you, highlighting Twitter feeds from influential women, news, groups, and resources that are essential for any woman serious about business on Twitter.

    Influential Women

    Get inspired by these ladies in business on Twitter.

  1. @gretchenrubin: Author of New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project and Happier at Home, Gretchen Rubin helps to remind women in business to find their happiness.
  2. @NancyFClark: Nancy F. Clark shares her insight as an advocate for women in business. She is a Forbes contributor who was named one of Forbes’ 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter.
  3. @SmallBizLady: Named Forbes’ No. 1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs and host of #SmallBizChat, Melinda Emerson has lots of great inspiration for women in business.
  4. @IvankaTrump: Follow the latest developments of young entrepreneur Ivanka Trump. In addition to Twitter, she also has a strong Facebook presence.
  5. @Oprah: One of the most well-known women in business, Oprah shares her influence and passion with her millions of followers–over 14 million, in fact–on Twitter.
  6. @KairaRouda: Kaira Rouda offers a breath of fresh air and positivity for female entrepreneurs. She is also the author of books Here, Home, Hope and All the Difference.
  7. @emmaisaacs: Emma Isaacs, CEO of @businesschicks, is a major champion for female entrepreneurs and women in business.
  8. @sharonlechter: Sharon Lechter empowers women in business with excellent resources for financial literacy. Her most recent book, Three Feet from Gold shares insight with readers on turning obstacles into opportunities.
  9. @smallbiztrends: Follow Anita Campbell, author of Visual Marketing, to find out the latest in small business trends.
  10. @sandikrakowski: Get inspired by Sandi Krakowski, one of the world’s happiest female entrepreneurs.
  11. @leawoodward: Lea Woodward is a major advocate of location independent living and working for women in business.
  12. @LeadingWomen: Susan Colantuono offers lessons to support women leaders in organizations.
  13. @prosperitygal: See what Michele Price has to say about breakthrough business strategies for women. She is the founder of #Speakchat and believes women should be making a difference and a profit.
  14. @melindagates: Melinda Gates is the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is dedicated to helping all people lead healthy, productive lives.
  15. @startupprincess: Women can get inspired to start their own business from Start Up Princess, created by Kelly King Anderson and Michelle McCullough.
  16. @simplicityinc: Follow A. Michelle Blakeley to find out how she grows small businesses with simplicity.
  17. @LinkedInExpert: Host of #LinkedInChat and author of LinkedIn Marketing, Viveka vonRosen teaches businesswomen how to do more with LinkedIn.
  18. News

    Keep your ear to the ground and find out the latest developments that matter most to women in business.

  19. @TheJaneDough: The Jane Dough is all about sharing news and insight for women in the business world.
  20. @ForbesWoman: Stay on top of Forbes news for women who mean business through this Twitter account.
  21. @womenonbusiness: From the award-winning Women on Business site, this Twitter feed has loads of news and insight for women seeking success in today’s business world.
  22. @EWMagazine: Follow this women-owned magazine published exclusively for women business owners.
  23. @msmagazine: Ms. Magazine is more than just a magazine–it’s a movement. Follow their Twitter feed (and subscribe to their magazine) and blog for the latest in women’s news.
  24. @FortuneMPW: Fortune’s Most Powerful Women offers a great way to stay up to date on the most powerful women in business and beyond.
  25. @DiversityWoman: Through Diversity Woman, you’ll find editorials for female business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.
  26. Groups

    Follow these groups to connect with other influential women in business.

  27. @wharton_women: This Twitter group focuses on women in business who have graduated from Wharton.
  28. @GWWIB: Join the George Washington University Women in Business Twitter group to learn how they’re bridging the gap between academic and professional lives for undergrad women.
  29. @DellBizWomen: Check out this Twitter group that connects women entrepreneurs and technologists to explore the impact of women-owned businesses.
  30. @ritwomen: Check out the Rochester Institute of Technology’s resource for women in business to learn about skills in leadership, business education, and life management.
  31. @HUWIB: Follow this group to see how women are being empowered in business education in Harvard’s undergraduate business courses.
  32. @women2: Follow Women 2.0 to find content, ideas, and resources for women entrepreneurs, including programs like @founderfriday mixers and the @founderlabs pre-incubators.
  33. @85Broads: Check out this network of female game-changers who invest in each other’s success. 85 Broads was named a Forbes Woman Top 100 Website for Women three years running.
  34. @ogunte: See a better world empowered by women from Ogunte as they share news about incubators for women, ladies in business making a difference, and new developments from women in business.
  35. @1000Girlfriends: These women are taking over the world, one country at a time.
  36. @NAWBONational: Check out the National Association of Women Business Owners to learn about the power of women entrepreneurs worldwide.
  37. @CatalystInc: Catalyst works globally to build inclusive workplaces and expand opportunities for women and business.
  38. @TWHP: Follow the White House Project to find out what this organization is doing to ignite the leadership of women in business and politics.
  39. @WomenEmployed: Women Employed has been opening doors, crashing ceilings, and creating fairer workplaces for women since 1973.
  40. @WomenBizNetwork: Find skill-building events and business and marketing ieas through the Women in Biz Network on Twitter.
  41. @womenceo: Join the Women CEO Project to find peer-to-peer brainstorming, connections, and even virtual business courses.
  42. @WomenPresidents: The Women Presidents’ Organization is a peer advisory organization that brings together women entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar businesses.
  43. @CEOWomensClub: Learn how women can empower themselves to achieve their goals and aspirations with the CEO Women’s Club.
  44. @womenontheverge: Women on the Verge is all about breaking stereotypes and being supportive of women in a diverse, global community.
  45. Resources

    Need some help? Be sure to check out these Twitter feeds.

  46. @WomenBizWerks: Women can find business information, resources, tools, and more on Women Business Werks.
  47. @BrandYou: Cindy Ratzlaff has lots of great ideas for women interested in digital brand marketing.
  48. @thenextwomen: Follow the Next Women business magazine to learn about female heroes, news, interviews, and funding.
  49. @mombizcoach: Lara Galloway offers loads of resources for mompreneurs, sharing business coaching and ideas for business social media.
  50. @Bernadeen: Bernadeen is a government grant expert sharing strategies for small business financing options for women and government grants.
  51. @NikkiPilkington: Nikki Pilkington shares social media marketing support on her Twitter account.
  52. @NinaKaufman: Business lawyer Nina Kaufman helps to demystify small business law for female entrepreneurs.
  53. @ShellyKramer: Shelly Kramer shares marketing and brand strategies for women in business.

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  1. Looks like this is a list definitely worth checking out. I met @SmallBizLady before since we live in the same area. She was kind enough to sign one of her books for me.

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