52 Weeks of Baking Love Week 11: Blueberry Breakfast Cake

blueberry breakfast cake

The last time I was at the grocery store, I immediately noticed small crates full of ripe, beautiful blueberries. It had been a while since I’ve seen such great blueberries lining the shelves of the produce section, and I just couldn’t bring myself to walk by them without putting some into my basket.

As soon as I got them home, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them. I had a blueberry breakfast cake recipe bookmarked for a couple of months that I had been saving for when the weather warmed up and blueberries were in season. Unfortunately, I am now convinced that it will never be warm in Pennsylvania ever again, considering we just had another snowstorm. There are several inches of snow on the ground right now. So I decided to make this breakfast cake anyway, weather be damned, and I’m glad I did.

blueberry breakfast cake pan

blueberry breakfast cake pan closeup

blueberry breakfast cake top

I didn’t have a very solid cake-baking foundation going into this. The only other cake I had baked so far was the strawberry chocolate coffee cake, which was the one recipe so far in this baking project that did not pan out so well. It was pretty much a disaster. So unlike this cake.

blueberry breakfast cake closeup

This blueberry breakfast cake came out so well, which is not only good news because we got to enjoy a delicious breakfast cake full of light, lemony flavor and loads of fresh blueberries, but also because if this recipe hadn’t come out well, I would have started to believe that cake, in any of its forms, was going to be my sore spot in the baking world. This would have been quite a blow to my the baking ego I have already begun to build, especially because my grandmother baked, decorated, and sold custom cakes for any and all occasions for decades. These skills are supposed to be in my genes, I am just exercising them to put them into gear.

I guess cake could still be a sore spot for me, but at least I will know that I can manage an impeccable breakfast cake. So delicious, and there is also a cranberry version.

blueberry breakfast cake side

Get the recipe at alexandra’s kitchen »

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7 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Baking Love Week 11: Blueberry Breakfast Cake

  1. That does look like it turned out very well! I like the simplicity of your photos! I also love the look of the sugar lightly covering some areas. Very yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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