Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies Recipe

chocolate chip pudding cookies

These are the best cookies ever, according to my fiance. I don’t think I would necessarily go that far, but I’m still trying to get my hands on my grandmother’s pineapple-filled cookie recipe. Now those are the best cookies ever. But these chocolate chip pudding cookies, they can hold their own in a taste test. They are delicious. Like, addicting delicious. Approximately 28 large cookies gone in a couple of days with only the two of us in the house kind of delicious.

These cookies masquerade as normal, run-of-the-mill chocolate chip cookies. You look at them and immediately think you know what you’re going to get. But these cookies are different. They are made with pudding.

chocolate chip pudding cookies stacked

I was not familiar with pudding cookies until I made these; and I was only introduced to the concept when a friend of mine tweeted me the link to the recipe saying that she was going to make them because I haven’t sent her baked goods, despite her many pleas, since I’ve begun this baking project. I’d wager that me not sending baked goods is working out better for me because she keeps sending me recipes to really delicious baked goods, like the Amish Friendship Bread alternative.

chocolate chip pudding cookies side

Now that I have been introduced to pudding cookies, however, I don’t think I can imagine a regular old chocolate chip cookie without the moist, super chewy, melt-in-your-mouth consistency that you get with pudding cookies. They are just good. Really good. Damn good, in fact. I can vividly imagine my fiance asking if we have vanilla instant pudding mix (I used French vanilla because I happened to have it in my cupboard) before we embark on any grocery shopping trip ever, and then throwing some in the cart while at the store anyway. You know, just in case. No excuses!

chocolate chip pudding cookies stacked closeup

Get the recipe at Life as a Lofthouse »

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18 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies Recipe

    1. They are SO soft! The pudding really does wonders in making a cookie very soft, super moist, and chewy. I think the trick was also the baking time. They only need about 9 minutes in the oven and when they come out, they don’t look done. Everything in my mind said to put them back in the oven, but I’m glad I didn’t. They just need to cool on the cookie sheet after they come out of the oven for about 10 minutes. They are the softest cookies I’ve ever had.

  1. Wow! Love how high and chip filled those cookies turned out. I haven’t tried pudding cookies before, but will have to give those a shot. Maybe late at night… when everyone else is in bed! Lol.

    1. The 1 teaspoon of baking soda in this recipe is half of the reason why these cookies have such amazing height. The other half is because I used a double scoop method. Instead of scooping cookie dough by the tablespoonful, I stack two tablespoons of dough on top of each other, so when they spread as they bake, they won’t spread too thin. You can actually do that with any cookie recipe and achieve the same outcome.

  2. Those look absolutely delicious. Chewy, rich, melty cookies just out of the oven…I think I’m going to be doing some baking soon. Also, if you find the pineapple cookie recipe could you please share? That sounds amazing too.

    1. I will definitely be sharing the pineapple-filled cookie recipe here as soon as I convince my grandmother to give it up so I can make some! She is very good about sharing recipes, though. She has given me her sugar cookie recipe, which I haven’t made yet but will at some point in this baking challenge, and I was also given her Hershey’s syrup brownie recipe, which are so dense and just great when you’re in desperate need of a chocolate fix. I need to make some of those soon, too.

    1. Can you believe that my fiance and I actually began dieting weeks before I had the bright idea of starting a year-long baking challenge so I could teach myself how to bake? Yeah, that went right out the window fast.

      I wish you the very best of luck on your diet, though! Don’t let the baked goods get you down.

  3. Those look so scrumptious! I like that they’re soft! If adding pudding to cookie mix ensures softness, well I’m going to have to make that a permanent ingredient from now on. Thanks for sharing!

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