6 Simple Ways to Revamp Your Desk for the New Year

A new year has rolled around once again, but unlike in years past, it’s time to make goals and really stick to them this time. Yes, this year will be different. When you’re running your own business or trying to start one up, getting your office organized is one of the first steps towards success. While it might seem daunting to get everything put together in an aesthetically pleasing way that will maximize productivity, there are small steps you can take to slowly get your office in order and ready to start working for you.

Here are 6 simple ways to revamp your desk for the new year.

1. Organize Your Equipment by What is Used Most

First thing’s first: clean off your desk and get rid of anything that you don’t use regularly. You don’t need it. The desktop is prime real estate in your office, and you need to make sure that it’s cleared enough so that you tend to the multiple projects you will be taking on. Any electronics that you use frequently should be in close proximity; for example, if you require your computer for the work you will be doing, that should be front and center. If you use a printer every day, it should be positioned within arm’s length.

2. Invest in Quality Storage Systems

Get either shelving or standalone storage systems to store items such as papers you need to keep or necessary office supplies. A storage system will keep your desk space clear while also keeping the supplies you need handy. There are heavy and permanent systems you can incorporate into your office design, or choose a portable system for flexibility on location.

3. Keep Your Workspace Clear

It’s more difficult to get work done if you’re constantly pushing papers to the side┬átrying to make room for your work. Revamp your desk and keep your work space clear by investing in a desktop calendar and utilizing storage space to the side or under your desk. The only items that should be on the top of your desk are whatever you are currently working on for your business.

4. Develop a Paper System

While many systems have gone digital, it’s still often necessary to keep hard copies of documents on-hand. Develop a paper system for your desk. On top of the desk, have organizers for work-in-progress paperwork, inbound, outbound, or whatever system you need. Get filing cabinets for long-term storage of paperwork you do not necessarily need access to every day but are still required to keep on-hand.

5. Use Wall Space as Necessary

It’s important to make your desk space your own so that you have a certain amount of comfort and enjoyment while working there. However, decorations like pictures often take up valuable desktop space. If you want to display photos and other decorations, use the wall space around your desk. A pinboard is particularly useful and provides a dedicated space to put up photos of family, friends, motivational quotes, or whatever else that is important to you.

office wall art

6. Leave Your Desk Organized at the End of the Day

Make a resolution now to clear your desk of any paperwork and clutter at the end of each day. Take the last few minutes of your dedicated work time to throw out papers you no longer need, file those you do, and organize everything on your desk. This may help to keep your mind free and clear, and allow you to walk into your home office each day with a fresh outlook on the day’s work ahead.

Each of these tips should help you revamp your desk and get your business off to an organized and productive start this year.

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  1. I love clean desks, I think it helps me concentrate and work better. That’s why I make sure my desk is organized all the time, lol. Helpful ideas!

  2. This is totally a great tips. I really love Organize my equipment and a clear desk perfect for the whole day work i always make sure that my desk always clean at the end of the day.

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