6 Ways to Stay Motivated for Fitness

One of the biggest struggles people have when trying to lose weight or stay in shape is lack of motivation. It’s too easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow” and put it off instead of tackling it head-on today. When it comes to keeping physically active, many people will find literally anything else to do. If you’re one of these individuals, take solace in the fact that there are several methods that can help you keep your focus and build up your determination to work towards a healthier you. Get started on the tips below and before you know it, everything will be falling into place.

1. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology, such as products made by FitBit, can be instrumental in collecting data about your habits. Once this data is compiled into a report, you can see just how your lifestyle is affecting your health. These monitoring devices can be an invaluable tool in keeping you motivated to do more physical activity throughout your day. Even if you take 10 minutes at some point and walk around the block, you could quickly begin to feel the difference.

2. Competitive Websites

There are several websites like that pit your abilities against others. Using a point system, you can strive to outperform others that are in the same shape as yourself. Most of these sites are filled with motivational individuals that can be inspiring and supportive. How many points can you rack up in a day?

3. Apps

Apps are available to monitor everything from food to exercise. As many people cherish their smartphones and tablets, it could seem more like a game to get fit rather than an exercise routine. A large portion of these applications are free to use with the mindset of helping you maintain proper health. Basing results in proven scientific data, you can control every aspect of your activity.

4. City Sports

Enrolling in city leagues can help you stay focused for physical health. Train and play like a professional and aim for being the best there is at that particular sport. Did you know that curling dumbbells can help you maintain control of a bowling ball? This is just one example of how exercise and weight training can affect your lifestyle.

5. Superhero Goal

Ever wondered what it would be like to look like a superhero? Perhaps dressing up as Captain America for Halloween would be something that interests you. Virtually anyone can develop those muscles if they put their mind into the proper training. As you develop physically, you’ll even find mundane tasks to be much easier such as lifting heavy objects at the grocery store.

6. Physical Video Games

Systems such as the XBox Kinect can help you remain entertained while working your body. According to some studies, wearing one-pound weighted gloves while playing tennis on your game console can burn as much as 300 calories within 20 minutes. Of course the actual calorie burn will be determined by your own physique and activity, but the game system can still help you maintain proper health — and have fun!

People like Maisie Lynton keep athletic by committing themselves to sports and competitions. When you’re faced against opposition, it can be a strong motivator to succeed. Many people have a competitive nature, and it’s all about outperforming others. If this is what drives you to succeed, then you need to embrace it. Competition can be a good thing, as long as you know how to be a gracious loser and humble winner.

Top photo: Method Fitness/Flickr

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  1. The most important step in motivating yourself is becoming more aware of “you”. There are many underlying mental and emotional obstructions to your personal and professional goals, and you need to observe how these factors steer your behavior. The tools mentioned in this article will help you carry out the right path by providing the accountability and proper positive brainwashing that you need!!

  2. Thanks for precious sport tips. It isn’t simple to stay motivated for sports. Enrolling in city leagues can help you stay focused for physical health is a good step to find people with the same interests!
    I don’t like sport but i do it anyways. Many thanks

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