7 Tips for Connecting with Your Spouse and Spicing Up Your Marriage

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Spice adds flavor to your food, and it can also add flavor to your marriage. Finding ways to add a little extra spice to your marriage can build a bond like no other. From making your spouse feel special, to a little spice in the bedroom, marriage takes effort from both parties. That is why you want to be sure that you put it at the forefront of your thoughts to ensure that you are both happy and satisfied. How can you add some spice to your marriage? Here are 7 suggestions to keep your relationship happy and healthy:

  1. Take the Initiative

    Does one of you take the initiative more than the other? If you are the one that does not, why don’t you plan a night for the two of you? Whether it is a night of magic in the bedroom, or a night on the town, taking initiative can be quite sexy. It will also let your spouse know that you care for them and value them.

  2. Turn Off the Television

    How much time do you and your spouse spend in front of the television after you get home from work? If you are like most couples, it is probably from the time you get home until the time you go to bed. Why not turn off the TV and spend some time talking about your day? This can make all the difference in your marriage, and can make your time in the bedroom even spicier.

  3. Take a Walk

    Why not take a romantic walk together after dinner? This can give you a great time to catch up, and it can be good for you too. Just a little stroll around the neighborhood can be something that you will look forward to each night, simply because it will be time that the two of you can communicate and reconnect.

  4. Do Something Together

    Have an activity that you and your spouse both love to do? Get out and go golfing, hiking, climbing, bowling, karaoke, or anything else that you enjoy and can do together. When a couple has activities that they can do together, it helps to solidify their relationship and bring them together in a way that they may not have been previously. It can also help your sex life to get a little exercise.

  5. Touch Each Other

    Touching each other is one of the best ways for you to bond with your partner. Even a simple touch that is not sexual can have a big impact in showing how you care. When you are committed to someone, touch is the way to show your commitment. Holding hands, hugging, and making love are all ways that a couple can express their love for each other. Do not forget the importance of touch when you are spending time with your spouse.

  6. Listen to Each Other

    Communication is a two-way street, and if you don’t know how to listen, your significant other can feel unheard and disconnected from you. That is why you want to be sure that you listen to what they say. If they indicate that they want something or need something from you, do your best to give that to them, if possible. This shows that you are listening to them, and when you make that effort and are willing to give them your full attention, it shows your level of devotion to them.

  7. Sex it Up

    A healthy sex life is a sign of a healthy marriage. By making sex and romance fun, you can improve your marriage and your relationship. Buy some sex toys and games to amp up the spice in the bedroom. A spicy sex life will give you satisfaction and having fun will bond you with your significant other. Do not be afraid to bring a little excitement into the bedroom. It can be great fun to role play and try something new.

These above tips and suggestions can help keep the spice in your marriage. A little spice a day can keep divorce away.

Even though divorce is so common, you don’t have to be part of that statistic and the emotional and financial drain that goes along with it. After several of my friends began to contemplate divorce, I started researching more about just what goes into this entire process on http://www.cadivorce.com, and even after the divorce is final, the drain of divorce takes on the role of the gift that just keeps on giving. From going to court to terminate spousal support in California to dealing with your ex and child custody issues, keeping your marriage strong can help you to prevent these issues. So spice up your marriage and make it into a relationship that will last and last.

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  1. Great information. I have found that it takes Two to have a marriage and only one not too. If you do your part it may help the other partner do theirs. Marriages are like anything else of value. You put take care of them if you want them to last.

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