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7 Ways to Make Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution Successful

If you are like millions of others, you may be thinking of making a good-intentioned New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year of 2019. Unfortunately, many well-meaning people make resolutions and fail at keeping them. It’s important to make a New Year’s resolution that you can realistically stick to. Here are seven ways you can finally achieve your New Year’s resolution for a healthy body.

1. Avoid Unrealistic Diets

The first rule when making a New Year’s resolution is to avoid starting an unrealistic diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, the reality is that you will have to adjust the way you eat. But going to extremes, such as starvation diets or eliminating entire food groups, can end up backfiring. Instead, make small changes to your diet that have a big impact.

2. Choose an Exercise You Love

The second key rule of finding success with a healthy New Year’s resolution is sticking with exercise. While diet makes up a big part of staying healthy, exercise can give you the necessary support to help burn those excess calories. Avoid jumping into a serious exercise program that you don’t enjoy. Many would-be exercisers buy gym memberships around the New Year and end up never going. A better idea is to choose an activity you love that gets you moving. If you love what you’re doing it won’t feel like exercise or work.

3. Have Reasonable Expectations

Next, the key to finding success this year is to have a realistic goal. Generally, the maximum amount of weight to lose is no more than two pounds per week. If you adjust your current caloric intake to reflect your ultimate long-term weight goal, you’re more likely to achieve it. Extreme weight loss in a month or less typically doesn’t last.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

Another key part of finding success in finally losing weight and getting healthy is to hold yourself accountable. Make a calendar of milestone goals you want to achieve starting with the New Year and going well beyond January. Check in with yourself and make sure you are hitting your milestones each week. Start a diet and exercise blog and commit to documenting your struggle with weight loss. Take pictures of your progress and post them in an online weight-loss community.

5. Use Technology

Today, dieters and healthy eaters have access to a wealth of resources with technology. You can achieve your New Year’s resolution this year by partnering with convenient tech tools. Track your diet with a calorie counting app to make sure you’re not overeating. Log your exercise and daily steps by investing in a smartwatch that calculates your activity. These tools make weight loss and New Year’s resolutions much easier.

6. Add a Supplement

Another helpful tool in the quest for a healthy body and a successful New Year’s resolution is the supplement market. Today, there are plenty of options for supplements and weight loss aids on the market. Look into how the Thrive Experience can help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss goals. Le-vel Thrive gives people working towards a healthy weight and lifestyle that much-needed support.

7. Expect Setbacks

Finally, the journey to a healthy body will definitely come with some setbacks. Your best bet is to be prepared for potential failures along the way. You may give in to temptation at times and eat a few unhealthy things. It’s also common to regress and go back into poor habits at stressful times of the year. Instead of reacting by giving up, pick yourself up and keep going so you eventually find success.

If you want to be successful this year with your healthy New Year’s resolution, follow these tips. Having a healthy body is one way you can enjoy 2019 even more and focus on your next big dream for 2020.

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