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9 Choice Restaurants to Frequent in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, the fifth largest city in Texas and the 17th largest in the US, is situated in North Central Texas. The city covers 350 square miles and serves as the seat of Tarrant County. Fort Worth is made up of about 800,000 people, and here are nine choice restaurants made popular by its inhabitants and a must visit for any tourist.

1. Taco Heads

It is no secret that the taco market is pretty competitive, but Taco Heads is a step above the rest. With fresh salsa, delicious tortillas, and tastiest toppings to go with, you will for sure become a regular after your first trip to this restaurant.

2. Pizza Snob

When what you want is pizza, few places can satisfy your craving like Pizza Snob. They use the freshest ingredients and top their pizzas with creative combinations that include caramelized pineapple, rosemary, goat cheese, and candied jalapenos. Just one slice from this place and you won’t regret why you came.

3. Vivo 53

Vivo 53 specializes in Italian cuisine. They have it all — pasta, homemade meatballs, and pizza. The local favorites include spicy sausage pizza and truffle fettuccine. For a full experience, pair your meal with a glass of sparkling wine.

4. Shinjuku Station

There is no doubt that Shinjuku Station is the best joint in town for Japanese cuisine. They of course have great sushi, but other must-try options include ceviche, ramen bowls, and sake steamed mussels. One visit to this restaurant and you will be recommending it to your friends.

5. Lee’s Grilled Cheese

Lee’s Grilled Cheese brings the most delicious food directly into your mouth! They have a grilled cheese sandwich menu that you wouldn’t have been able to come up in your wildest dreams. How does a cheddar mac n’ cheese sandwich loaded with mustard pork and black forest ham sound? You also must try their peanut butter and jelly grillers. If you are interested in something tasty and cheesy, this is the right place for you.

6. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak has locations in several cities across the country, but in Fort Worth they cater to the local tastes of their patrons, and they have awesome steaks. What puts them in their own league from other steakhouses is how complete their menu is. They have options like jalapeno mac n’ cheese, a wide selection of seafood, and even chili-glazed calamari. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak satisfies a wide variety of tastes.

7. Rodeo Goat

Bringing bar food to a new level, Rodeo Goat has exactly what you need during a night out with your friends and family. Some of the recommendations include Tabasco mayo, chorizo, queso fresco, pico de gallo, and fried eggs. They also have locally renowned “cheese fries surprise” topped with chili, jalapenos, bacon, ranch, and cheese, which makes for an excellent appetizer that everyone can enjoy.

8. Smokey’s BBQ

When it comes to smoking meat, the competition is stiff — especially in Texas — but Smokey’s BBQ serves up some of the very best. They have all the classics available, as well as other popular items like brisket, sausage links, and ribs with a dash of jalapeno. If you’re a fan of meat, then head to Smokey’s and settle into a massive rack of ribs. You’ll be glad you did.

9. Grace

Grace is more upscale than the rest of this list, but if you are looking for an experience and not just a meal, this is the place to go. They have a focus on revamping American favorites, and their chefs won’t let you down. Among the recommended delicacies are the Lobster Agnolotti and Duroc Pork.

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  1. I Have never been to any part of Texas, but I have always wanted to go. If I make it to Fort Worth, I am totally going to Taco Head.

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