About Woman Tribune

Woman Tribune is a lifestyle and entertainment blog dedicated to informing and inspiring women in all areas of their lives.

Since January 2008, Woman Tribune has been a reliable, honest, and practical space for women ages 25 to 34, regardless of their location or lifestyle. From what makes a house a home, family, and food to music, pets, relationships, and being the good in the world, Woman Tribune discusses the myriad of interests and issues that women care about.

Woman Tribune receives approximately 18,600 unique visitors monthly with a steady 15% loyal audience and a social platform that reaches more than 20,000 women through RSS, email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Holly Woman Tribune was founded by Holly Ord, a long-time blogger, loud mouth, and lover of social media.

Holly has been a part of the blogosphere for more than half of her life and counting, getting her first start as a teenager before there was a formal word for “blogs.” Since that time, she has successfully written, managed, and created several websites and community projects, with Woman Tribune being the longest-running project yet!

Her progressive personal opinion blog, Menstrual Poetry (launched December 2007), quickly allowed her to become an influential voice within the online feminist community, and Holly’s writing has been linked to and talked about by several websites and blogs of note, including Slate, the Huffington Post, and Gawker’s Valleywag blog.

In addition to her blogging ventures, Holly is also a self-taught web designer, gamer (PlayStation fangirl!), and wannabe baker. She lives in Northeast, Pennsylvania with her fiance, Allen, and their five cats: Devin, Vincent, Sylvia, Sid, and Nancy.

You can connect with Holly personally on Twitter @HollyOrd and Facebook.com/HollyOrd.

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