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adgridwork is a new site that functions along the same lines as BlogRush. Their mission is to provide free advertising for websites.

The mission is outstanding. As soon as BlogRush launched, bloggers flocked to it by the thousands and they saw a turnout with blogger participation that they most likely did not foresee. The same goes for adgridwork. Bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon with this website because let’s face it, who doesn’t love free advertising? The more people being introduced to your website, the better and I’m no different.

I used to use BlogRush on this website, as well as another site I run and after a trial of 30 days, I logged in to see what my statistics were. Like many bloggers who have used this website, I saw no significant difference in the traffic I was receiving and decided to stop using the program. adgridwork has proved to be the same.

I tested adgridwork out for a trial period of 30 days at my other website, which already does decent with traffic, especially for being a newer website. After the 30 days, I logged into the website to check out my statistics.

adgridwork summary

As you can see from the summary above, an ad for my website was requested and shown on other websites several thousand times; however, the traffic received from using adgridwork was two hits.

When dealing with advertising, many factors must go into why (in most cases) ads prove ineffective.

First of all, people tend to spend a very large portion of their days online. What they do online includes checking their email. If you use an email provider such as Gmail, such as I do, or any other web platform email, you are seeing ads immediately and ads are displayed during the entire duration that you are logged in.

Social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook are also very large contributing factors as to why people spend so much time online. These websites are great time wasters and also (although MySpace has a much higher ad count than Facebook and other sites due to how extremely popular it is) display ads throughout their websites.

Another grossly large detail in ad campaigns is that almost all bloggers are looking to make money online. Blogging for profit has become extremely popular and those who are looking for blogging to literally pay off are latching onto websites such as BlogRush, adgridwork and many others in order to get free advertising to their websites so they move up in rank and then they fall prey to blogging for money resources such as PayU2Blog, PayPerPost, Text-Link-Ads and a myriad of others. In addition to these obvious-ads people are placing on their websites in order to receive income from their blogs, almost every blog right now has Google Adsense ads running on their websites, myself included.

Due to the amount of people in the blogosphere and those who are looking to get their websites known, once someone sees the same ad set up several thousands of times on several thousands of different websites, your mind become numb to them. The mind simply refuses to register that they are even there because of the amount of times you have already seen them–You simply do not notice them anymore. If you’re not even noticing that ads are on a website to begin with, what makes people think that others are going to click on their ads? To the random person, they are seeing your blog and reading what you have to say but they are not seeing your ads because of the amount of times the same, exact set up has been seen on many different websites.

With taking all of this into consideration, it is no wonder that while my ad had been displayed over 12,000 times, only two people actually saw it and clicked on it.

Another fact to mention is that when looking at ads that were being placed on my website through adgridwork, the same six ads kept showing up over the course of a month. So, perhaps when adgridwork takes the blogging world by storm and more people sign up, more ads will be displayed since that only makes sense, but when signing up with these free advertising websites, we must take into consideration that the outcome of them are most likely not going to be effective, as less than 1% of people are actually clicking on them in the first place.

I am taking the adgridwork ads off of my other website today and perhaps I will test out other programs to see if they prove to be any better; however, I am not counting on it.

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  1. Thanks for submitting this post, Holly, it’s very interesting! I’d been meaning to take a closer look at my own AdGridwork stats, but I just haven’t had the time. Their site is down now, so I can’t check my own stats :(, but I think they might be a little better than yours. Not enough to make a real difference though.

    I agree that their mission is great, and that they’re probably the best free ad network out there (no paid ads, actually looks nice), but it’s hard enough promoting ads when there’s a monetary incentive. In this light, I understand your reasoning behind decluttering them from your blog.

  2. Just updating everyone on this, because when I did get my data it was contrary to what I thought earlier. I got 160 clicks vs. the 113 my site has sent, but I’ve been using AGW over a long period of time.

    If you’ll notice, AdGridwork is giving the ads you have written more impressions than your site generated for them… so my guess is that you might need to work on the wording of your ads to generate more clicks for yourself.

  3. Just for those who are thinking of using the AdGridWork site, their site has been down for the last month with database errors. And their ads no longer display (I am assuming due to these errors). I did set up a campaign prior to this but have abandoned it, I have also tried to contact the author to no avail.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about Adgridwork’s database errors. Really shows their commitment to the people who could make their business reputable, huh? I haven’t been back to Adgridwork since posting this article and won’t be in the future, there are many other ad networks out there for bloggers that are committed to helping bloggers as much as we help their companies.

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