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Adore Me I first wrote about Adore Me, the trendy monthly subscription service just for lingerie, a few months ago. At that time, I had only seen two showrooms that were put together for me by an Adore Me stylist (based on the results of a short style quiz), but that was enough to really get me excited about the service and the myriad of different lingerie styles, colors, and patterns they have up for grabs every month. Seriously, the variety of the pieces they stock perfectly fit seemingly endless moods and personal preferences, and I’m confident in saying that they have something (a handful of somethings, even) for everyone.

Since my first post, I have had the pleasure of partnering with Adore Me for a review of my choice of lingerie from one of my recent showrooms.

Adore Me Zoey

I chose the Zoey camisole and panty set, which is really fun and flirty. As soon as I saw it in my showroom, I got all wide-eyed and excited about it. I am often apprehensive when it comes to picking out lingerie. I may like how something looks in a picture on a website, but I sometimes have to remind myself that the person wearing that piece of lingerie is a model and probably about ten sizes smaller than me. Because of this, even when I really like something, I’ll wait a little while and then go back and look at it again, try to envision how it would look on me, and if I could pull something like that off as well as the model in the picture so obviously can. None of these thoughts posed any negative influence on how I saw the Zoey set; as soon as I saw it, I was sold.

The camisole and panties are made of a blend of black polyester and spandex that is predominantly see-through, and features black velvet polka dot detailing throughout. There are purple bows at the center front of the camisole and panties, as well as bows at the front of each adjustable strap. There is also a purple ruffle around the bottom hem of the camisole, which sends this set just slightly over the top in terms of how cute and girly it is; qualities I very often completely revel in.

Adore Me Zoey front I wish this set had more accommodating sizes. It is available in either Small/Medium or Medium/Large, and since I would have opted for a plain old size Large, being a size 12 woman, I got the size Medium/Large and held my breath in trepidation the first time I put the camisole on.

The fit was fine. It was a little tighter in the stomach than I would have liked, but it wasn’t unbearable and throughout the past few weeks, I have worn it comfortably on many occasions. After a little adjusting of the straps, I was able to cover my 36D chest with the triangle cups; barely, but they made in. However, while I was covered when standing, sitting, and generally just not moving very much, I did have several “pop out” issues when attempting any broader movements. Really anything involving much upper body movement quickly became out of the question. This leads me to believe that this camisole would be absolutely perfect for women with a B or even a small C cup chest. Perfect! But alas, it was not totally flattering for my chest, personally.

Adore Me Zoey back The matching panties are mid-rise bikini style with subtle scrunching down the center of the back. They have unique styling all their own, because while the front is the same matching see-through black with velvet polka dot detailing as the camisole, the back are bright purple, also see-through; the same color purple featured in the ruffle along the bottom hem of the camisole.

Frankly, I am absolutely in love with these panties. They are so comfortable that I could very easily wear them whenever and wherever, and because of the scrunching in the back, my ass looks downright spectacular. It’s always great to have a piece (or pieces) of lingerie that make you feel as gorgeous and confident as these panties make me feel. In fact, if I found panties that were guaranteed to look and feel just like these, only in a variety of different colors and patterns, I would buy 10 pairs, no question. They are that great.

I still think the Zoey camisole and panty set is really fun and super cute and girly, and it would be an amazing addition to someone’s lingerie wardrobe if that person happened to have a smaller bust than I do. Size is a curse sometimes, it’s true.

Sign up for an Adore Me account and start getting personalized lingerie showrooms of your own! Zoey, along with all of their other lingerie, are $39.95 per set.

I received the Zoey camisole and panty set for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Adore Me Lingerie Review — ‘Zoey’”

    1. So do I! I have long believed that regardless of the kind of day you’re having, if you put on a pair of sexy undies, you’ll feel ten times better. It doesn’t matter what you put on over them, just knowing that they’re there gives you a little confidence boost, which is always good.

  1. Lady, I must say, you find the good stuff! Any other fun monthly clubs you are apart of that I need to know about? =)

    1. Well now that you mention it, I will have a review of a box of beauty goodies from Influenster in the coming week or two. It isn’t a monthly service, it just depends on how active you are on the website, what your interests are, and then you’re randomly chosen to receive a box of goodies to try out and review. This will be my first box so I don’t really know what to expect.

      I am also thinking about skipping the next month from Julep (I have accumulated so many different color nail polishes that I haven’t had a chance to try them all out yet) and maybe checking out another box-service. Or I’ll put that extra money towards something at Adore Me because I found a few other pieces of lingerie I would love.

  2. Adorable set! Hey, anything that feels comfortable and makes your back view look great is a win with me. Will have to check out this line.

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