The Advantages of Cord Blood Banking Over Bone Marrow Harvesting

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  1. Maria Briggs says:

    I’m so glad you wrote about this! Me and my husband have talked about this topic many times. We have both agreed that we are going to save the cord blood. Unfortunately we don’t have money to store it in a private bank, but we will store it in a public bank. At least we know if we ever need it it’s there, and if we don’t, it can help another family.

  2. Yamari says:

    I actually had no idea this even existed until a few weeks back. My boss is pregnant and asked me to call several companies in order to obtain more information and I’ve learned so much about this.

    I absolutely had no idea there was the public bank option, but did I understand correct that it can be used by anyone?

    Yami (@yourgotogal)

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