All Natural LÄRABAR Snack Bar Review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LÄRABAR. All opinions are 100% mine.

Larabar I have kept a daily schedule that most people have come to describe as bizarre throughout my entire adult life. While most people go to bed at some point during the evenings and wake up bright and early in the morning to begin their day, I wake up at some point in the evenings and go to bed typically in the late morning or early afternoon. This has always felt completely natural to me. Regardless of the amount of effort I put into trying to keep one of those “normal” schedules the rest of the world seems so crazy about–and it does take substantial effort on my part–my internal clock just doesn’t keep up with it for long.

While this schedule has always been very natural for me, it has led to me being very prone to not being able to keep track of what I eat throughout my days and eating either too little throughout the day or too much at the wrong time, for instance, just a few hours before going to bed or right before bed, which yes, is bad. I know this. I would much rather be able to keep track of the bigger meals throughout my day and then snack in between while knowing that I am giving my body the nutrients it needs not just to continue living, but to be healthy and thrive on what it is receiving. So naturally I was pretty happy when I was asked if I’d be willing to give LÄRABAR snack bars a try.

LÄRABAR are all natural, simple, whole food snack bars that are available in nineteen different flavors; flavors like cherry pie, chocolate chip brownie, cinnamon roll and peanut butter and jelly, among many others. Each bar contains just two to nine ingredients each and are completely vegan, kosher, dairy and soy-free, gluten-free, and also free of added sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, fillers or colorings. Well, all of the flavors except for the three different chocolate chip flavors, which are made from Fair Trade Certified chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla; these are the only flavors that cannot be claimed as 100% dairy-free, soy-free or vegan. However, if you are a vegan and stay away from the chocolate chip flavors, then you’re good to go.

I had a rather interesting experience with LÄRABAR. I was really excited to try them, especially since they are extremely healthy and my body could use more extremely healthy foods, but the texture of these food bars really threw me off. I am an extremely picky eater and so much more than a taste goes into how I feel about specific foods. Texture is a big deal to me. LÄRABAR bars are dense and heavy and every single bar has the exact same heavy, chunky-like texture to it and it completely turned me off after the first bite of the first bar I chose from the box.

I am very proud to say that I did, in fact, try one of each of the flavors that arrived for me to sample. I got a good bite out of each one and then my partner ate the rest of each bar. Luckily, he likes the LÄRABARs a lot. In his words, they do what they are supposed to. They give you something healthy to snack on and you can taste the individual fruits that are in each bar.

LÄRABAR was featured on the March 8th episode of “The Biggest Loser” by trainer Brett with contestants Ken, Rulon and Justin. You can get your own LÄRABARs online at as well as in a variety of natural and conventional grocery stores and outdoor lifestyle retail stores. LÄRABARs retail for just $1 to $2 per bar. get your LÄRABAR coupon now to save $1 off 2 LÄRABARs.

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