hamster in apartment

All the Cute: Tiny Hamsters in a Tiny Apartment

Meet Enoki and Bunapi, two Winter White Dwarf hamsters who are living the high life in their very own miniature apartment.

If you think you aren’t a hamster person then let us assure you, you are wrong. You just haven’t seen hamsters relax with a snack in front of the TV, take a dip in a sand-filled bathtub, and nap in their very own sleeping quarters.

hamster in apartment

And if you think tiny hamsters hanging out in a tiny apartment wasn’t cute enough, watch as little Enoki is tucked into a pink and white bed fit for mini royalty, complete with a matching polka dot blanket to keep them warm.

While these videos are undeniably adorable, let us quell some natural questions that arise with videos such as these.

The creator of these “Happy Hammy” videos, Jaieden Ace Shen, has clarified in the comments of both videos that their hamsters absolutely do not live in this “apartment” full-time. Enoki and Bunapi have a natural hamster habitat with proper food, water, bedding, tunnels, exercise toys, and lots of space. They are under no stress when placed in their apartment setting, as is easily seen with how comfortable and well-adjusted they are roaming around and utilizing the amenities.

4 thoughts on “All the Cute: Tiny Hamsters in a Tiny Apartment”

  1. I love the apartment setting, but very happy they don’t live there permanently.
    These guys are just precious!

  2. Oh my God this is adorable!! it reminds me of my little hamster. I want to make him tiny little furniture haha.

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