Amazon Begins to Roll Out Simpler, Cleaner Redesign

Amazon redesign

A few days ago I went to Amazon’s website, as I very regularly do, and was surprised to notice that the entire site was cleaner. It was simplistic in its delightful white space, the search area was larger and there wasn’t so much going on around the edges to take my mind off of the reason why I had gone onto their website in the first place. It took me a little while to notice the change as it wasn’t so drastic as it was cleaned up.

Turns out that Amazon has begun testing a redesign of their entire website where even the wish list and shopping cart features are more refined and a lot less hassle for people attempting to utilize their extensive list of services and applications.

Sadly my exposure to Amazon’s redesigned site has been revoked. I’m not sure why this is; it was here one day and today it’s back to the same old cluttered, headache-inducing blue and orange. In fact, I didn’t know just how annoying and hideous I found Amazon to be as a whole until I was given a much more aesthetically-pleasing view of the website. I would like to request that Amazon speed up this whole trial release business and just make what I saw the other day permanent. Please?

Many are reporting that Amazon’s new redesign could foreshadow the launch of Amazon’s very own Android-powered tablet, which would be very smart as Amazon basically championed the popularity of e-readers with their Kindle.

The Amazon tablet rumor has been making its round through the rumor mill since July, where it was speculated that it would be released in October. Some have even predicted that it would be priced at $250; another great move on Amazon’s part, undercutting the iPad by a substantial amount of money and therefore making their tablet more accessible.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty thrilled that Amazon is getting a fresh, new look and I hope the full launch date is soon. I’m also extremely interested in what an Android-powered tablet by Amazon could possibly bring to the table. Amazon, you don’t have to be so mysterious!

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