‘The American Bible Challenge’ Returns for 3rd Season — #BibleChallenge Giveaway [Closed]

The American Bible Challenge
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  1. Cheryl Free says:

    I haven’t ever seen “The American Bible Challenge” and don’t think I would win big as a contestant.

  2. Sacha Schroeder says:

    I haven’t seen it but think it would be a great show to watch. No, I wouldn’t win big. My Grandma would though!

  3. Jack Ripple says:

    I have never seen this show – and would probably be challenged if I was on it. I really like the concept of the show – great alternative to the many other types of shows on these days!

  4. Michael Clark says:

    I have seen it, probably wouldn’t do so good

  5. DESIREE H says:

    Yes, Ive seen and I love that show!
    No, I would not win. I know Bible verses, but a lot of the main people and stories I do not know.

  6. Mary M. says:

    I have seen the program and I do not think I would be a big winner if I were on the show.

  7. LYN W says:

    I have seen it but I don’t think I would win on this show!

  8. Chelsey says:

    I do not have TV so I’ve never watched it. I may have to look it up on youtube!

  9. rita says:

    Yes, i have seen the show. I know somethings,but not as much as I should.

  10. velder dixon says:

    i have never seen the show.

  11. connie moore says:

    I was told once you could quote the bible by memory…but if you didn’t feel it …you gained nothing….

    1. connie moore says:

      I know nothing about the show…

  12. bn100 says:

    Haven’t seen it; probably not

  13. Sky Evans says:

    I haven’t seen this. I don’t think I’d win big.

  14. liz l says:

    I have never seen this show

  15. shana vaughn says:

    I have never seen the show! I would give it my best shot at winning!

  16. Carly D. says:

    I haven’t yet but I want to!

  17. Cathy Burnett says:

    Yes I have seen the show and if I were to be on it I would try my best to win!

  18. I have seen the show and love it! I wouldn’t win big, but my husband probably would…he reads the Bible all the time!

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