Apple is #winning [infographic]

Apple is one of the most popular and in-demand names in the tech industry, selling more than 365,000,000 devices in just the last five years. The brand is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America, and they have done this by being innovative–completely transforming the way we view and utilize technology today–as well as seeing opportunity for growth and executing a distinct vision that Steve Jobs had for the Apple brand.

Check out the infographic below to learn just how Apple has been able to continue on their way to the top, averaging $4 billion in monthly profit, by making the most of the three major forces behind their success.

Apple is #Winning
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4 thoughts on “Apple is #winning [infographic]”

  1. it’s so funny though, the only thing I’ve ever owned of apple is an ipod, and after a few months, I stopped utilizing it… I respect the brand, and how far they’ve come, but realize now I’ve never been an user

  2. 4-billion a month?!!! Good grief! The thing that sucks for other companies is that Apple is forever innovative, as you mentioned above. Thats what hurts the other companies. They continue to follow/fall in the footsteps of Apple. You always have to be the first, or you will def finish last. Great info graphic!

  3. I recently got my first Apple product (an iPad) since my iPod like 7 years ago. I love it, love it so much I’m considering a switch to the iPhone. My only qualm with Apple is that every time you think you are on top of the tech world they have something new come out! Ugh.

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