Help Aéropostale Help Teens in Need–Donate Your Jeans!

Teens for Jeans Currently, 1 in 3 people who are homeless are also under the age of 18. That fact alone is so completely tragic, but there is something that we can all do to help. For the past three years, Aéropostale has held an annual Teens for Jeans drive. Last year, Aéropostale was able to collect over 200,000 pairs of jeans to help homeless teens and hopefully this year, you can help them collect a lot more!

If you have any pairs of gently-worn jeans that you do not wear anymore or don’t fit, please drop them off at any Aéropostale store between January 19th and February 14th. Every pair of jeans donated will be sent to a local homeless shelter or charity so they are helping the homeless teens in and around your local area, which is a really awesome thing to do and now you have a way to get rid of all of those jeans taking up space in your closet that you don’t wear!

To thank you for helping homeless shelters and charities in and around your area, Aéropostale will also give you 25% off any new pairs of jeans you purchase the day you donate your old ones.

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