Use Athena’s Olive Tree for Beautiful Skin–Naturally

The beauty products that we see lining the aisles of every store we shop in share one, big common factor–They all contain dozens of chemicals that we cannot pronounce and if we have no idea what these chemicals are or what they do, why are we so comfortable putting them on our skin? That is exactly why I often opt to use bath and beauty products such as facial soaps, body washes and scrubs, and body lotions that are made with all natural and free of harsh chemicals.

Having temperamental skin to begin with, I am incredibly weary of products I pick up off shelves and am immediately greeted with a lengthy list of chemicals. I have no idea what they are going to do to my skin and in most cases, when I have taken a chance on very few of these products, I had received devastating results including oily skin and extreme amounts of acne and I know of many other women who have been in the same situation, several times.

natural facial soap Products from Athena’s Olive Tree do not contain chemicals you can’t pronounce, they do not contain lab-created ingredients that end up being more harmful than actually beneficial to your skin. Athena’s Olive Tree offers up extraordinary beauty products that will give you beautiful skin–naturally.

I recently had the opportunity to use their natural, vegan Australian Green Clay soap bar and not only did I love it, but it was stolen from me by the boyfriend who used it daily and could not get over how soft his skin was after using it.

Australian Green Clay is said to rebalance oil flow, strengthens the skin, and aid the repair of scars. It is also said to be the strongest of all the clays for detoxification!

Athena’s Olive Tree’s Australian Green Clay soap bar is the best facial soap bar I have had the pleasure of using. I loved the layer of pumice on the soap bar that offered just the right amount of power for a soft scrub that exfoliates your skin beautifully. After using this soap bar for just a few days in a row had a great effect on my skin. It’s a lot less oily than it has been in quite some time and it is a lot softer! The Australian Green Clay soap bar is made with only high quality, all natural ingredients, one of the ingredients that I absolutely love in any product I use on my body is shea butter. Shea butter is pretty much the best ingredient for any soap, body wash, and body lotion you put on your body; you won’t be able to stop touching your skin and marveling at how soft it is.

If you’re looking for a high quality facial cleanser, you should definitely check out Athena’s Olive Tree’s collection of soap bars, masks, and even facial cleanser sets and moisturizing creams for your face, hands, body, and lips!

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  1. Olive oil beauty bars and lotions are great for the skin, though some of the body butters and such can be heavy. I have not tried this particular product, but the one lotion I own actually smells like squished olives and it isn’t good. It smells awful but it works so good on dry elbows I use it anyways before I go to bed sometimes.

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