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How to Create a Great Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone agrees that an attractive smile is important in so many ways. Uneven or discolored teeth can severely affect an individual’s confidence level, and anyone who feels their smile is unattractive will avoid social situations where this could make a difference in their confidence level. Social interactions are not the only area of a person’s life that can be affected since some employers are reluctant to hire an individual with unattractive teeth, especially if the position requires customer interaction.

Many people naturally have beautiful teeth but others are not so fortunate. Proper dental hygiene can help to preserve an attractive smile, but no amount of brushing, flossing and whitening can correct crooked or misshapen teeth. This is where cosmetic dentistry can help. But these expensive procedures are not usually covered by dental insurance plans. Some people make the decision to improve their smile through cosmetic dentistry in spite of the cost, and they believe the process is a worthwhile investment in their future happiness and success.

There are several types of cosmetic dentistry that are used to either replace or improve the appearance of natural teeth. The first step in having any of these procedures done is to make sure a reliable cosmetic dentist has examined the patient and offered expert advice. Anyone wishing to embark upon the journey of fixing teeth that are crooked, broken or misshapen should spend a good amount of time researching all the pros and cons of the procedures. In addition, it is very important to check out the reviews on any dental professional they are considering.

Lasting Smiles of Highland Park, a dental practice in New Jersey, also recommends looking for practices that use the latest advanced technology so that you can be sure your investment will result in the best smile.

Common Procedures Used in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Veneers are made individually to resemble the natural teeth of each patient. The veneers are very realistic and can be used to fix cosmetic problems including damaged or cracked enamel, crooked teeth, and wide gaps between teeth. The dentist attaches each veneer to the front of the imperfect tooth with a dental adhesive.43

Inlays and Onlays are also referred to as indirect fillings. This type of cosmetic procedure is used primarily when a tooth has more decay than can be corrected with a typical filling. An inlay can be used when the tooth cusp has not been damaged so the inlay can be placed directly on the surface of the tooth. An onlay will be required when most of the tooth is damaged, so the entire surface of the tooth is covered in this case. Both inlays and onlays are created in a laboratory and attached with dental cement. The tooth is strengthened, preventing any further damage.

Composite Bonding is one of the less expensive procedures used to repair damaged or decayed teeth. Any decay is drilled out before the dentist fills the cavity and then applies the composite in and on the tooth surface. The tooth will then be shaped before a high-intensity list is used to cure the material.

Implant technology was first used several decades ago, but there have been many advances in the procedure. One of the most exciting is the development of “mini implants” that can be placed much faster than with the original type of implant. Although titanium screws are still inserted into the jawbone, the screws are smaller and do not require the time and expense of placing the larger ones. In some cases, an implant can be placed within just one day. There is still a requirement for the dentist to take measurements and impressions of the tooth being replaced, and these procedures will be done in previous appointments. It is unfortunate that insurance does not pay any part of implant placement since the result is a tooth that lasts for many years and feels completely natural to the patient.

Teeth Whitening is a relatively simple procedure that is used to whiten discolored teeth. While none of the structures of the teeth are changed, the result is a white and bright smile that is very attractive. The most effective whitening procedures are done in a dentist’s office, although there are kits that allow people to whiten their teeth at home.

Considering the importance of “putting your best face forward,” many people feel investing in a confident smile through cosmetic dentistry is a great choice. While the cost of some of these procedures is considerable, most dentists do offer payment plans that make it easier for individuals to handle the payments.

The Real Risks of Alcohol Addiction

With studies showing an increase in alcohol-related liver disease, particularly cirrhosis, individuals and families are seeking assistance from resources such as alcohol treatment centers in Florida. Withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous and extremely uncomfortable.

What the Numbers Show

Studies conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan, from 1999 to 2016, have actually shown a 65% increase in cirrhosis-related deaths. Cirrhosis can also be caused by other things, such as hepatitis C, but the number of people getting it due to extreme consumption of alcohol has increased substantially.

One type of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, is caused by cirrhosis. Some of the symptoms of liver cancer, such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, and sudden weight loss, generally do not appear until the disease has progressed to the later stages. The studies also show that during this seven-year period approximately 155,000 deaths were attributed to this type of cancer. Alcohol addiction statistics also show those affected the most were between the ages of 25 and 34.

What Causes Addiction to Alcohol?

Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD is now being used to describe people that have a severe drinking problem. What is believed to be the reason for this disorder? Alcohol consumption can interrupt chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, glutamate, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

For example, dopamine levels rise when someone consumes alcohol. Dopamine affects moods and tells the brain when things are pleasurable. Glutamate revitalizes the nervous system and impulsiveness is controlled by GABA. When someone becomes dependent on alcohol, these chemicals can become seriously altered. This is what causes people to experience the craving for alcohol so that they can feel good again.

Other Contributing Factors

There are other factors that are considered to be responsible for someone’s predilection for drinking. Some believe that genes may be responsible for people developing alcohol and other addictions. Those with a family history of addiction may be more prone to AUD. Some studies have suggested that drinking alcohol before fifteen years of age may lead to problems when people become older.

Another risk factor may be people that suffer from excessive stress. They may drink to lessen these stress levels. When alcohol is readily available, this may lead to experimenting and possibly later AUD. Peer pressure or just being with others that drink on a regular basis may be a factor that leads to experiencing alcohol problems. Sometimes people use alcohol to fend off depression. Self-medicating often leads to increased depression instead of relieving it.

Since people process alcohol differently, some can achieve the feeling they desire with relatively little alcohol while it takes more for others. For those that have to drink more to get the “high” they are seeking, this could lead to problems. For many years, advertisers have glamorized alcohol. This could be a factor, particularly for those with low self-esteem.

How Do You Know If You Have a Problem?

Often people that drink do not believe they have an alcohol problem. They say they are social drinkers or they just have a few drinks to relax. How do you determine if you may have a problem that could cause serious health risks? One problem that is often experienced by people with AUD is the need for more alcohol to achieve the level of intoxication they desire. If the liver becomes damaged, it cannot metabolize alcohol as well. This could lead to a lower tolerance level for alcohol.

If someone spends most of their time drinking alcohol and recovering from a hangover, they may have a problem. In addition, if they try to stop drinking or reduce the amount they drink and cannot, this is a red flag. Sometimes people have withdrawal symptoms when they try to reduce or stop drinking. This can include shaking, feeling sick, or being unable to sleep. So they drink even more to relieve these symptoms.

Often people who may have an alcohol problem spend a lot of time alone drinking. They stop going to social events, seeing friends, or other activities that they enjoyed previously. Withdrawal from family and friends is one symptom. When people continue to drink even though they know it is causing them physical or psychological problems, this may signal an alcohol problem.

Although these symptoms can also be caused by other problems, if someone is experiencing several of these within a specific time, it could very well indicate that they are suffering from AUD.

Surface Protection in Home Projects: Cover Things Up the Right Way, Right From the Start

Whether an area is being washed, painted, stained, sanded, or any other such messy task is being performed, most often these will be in areas in the vicinity of the work area that will need to be covered up and protected. Before the job even gets underway, task performers should be equipped with an ample supply of Surface protection products to make sure all areas that can be affected by the job being done have proper coverage.

Covering and protecting furniture, counters, equipment, flooring, and other areas should not be a more-or-less afterthought in this job. Improper planning and preparation in this regard could result in quite a mess later on in the project. The extra time in cleaning up unprotected areas, not to mention additional expenses that may be incurred in any unnecessary extra cleanup, can be avoided if the proper steps are taken to cover things up the right way, right from the start.

Consumers that are unsure about what their coverage needs may be, and what materials would be best for their job, should look to a company, like Trimaco, that specializes in an extensive array of job site protection products sales. Companies that focus only on selling such products carry the most superior products for all the needs the customer may have, all across the spectrum of personal and job site protection coverage.

Highly respected, leading companies in this industry feature their supreme products prominently on their easy to use website, with live chat help right there in the event any questions arise while customers look products over.

In order to make product selection very clear and easy, online catalogs should be featured on the company’s homepage. With a simple click, consumers should be able to view wide varieties of products to look at within moments. Such online catalogs should feature such needed items as:

  • Heavy-duty protection for surfaces
  • Heavy duty tapes
  • Masking tapes
  • Masking products
  • Protective films
  • Rags and Wipers
  • Dropcloths
  • Protective wear
  • Flooring paper
  • Masking paper
  • Gloves
  • Paint strainers
  • Dust containment
  • Envirosolutions Envirowash System
  • Various miscellaneous other items

Comprehensive websites, in addition to providing specific product descriptions and specs, will enable the user to download their catalog to conveniently always have right on hand. Users should be able to simply flip through the catalog online. Brochures and additional details about specific individual protection products should be provided through sales sheets. And to really aid the customer, videos that showcase provided products in the catalog should be able to be viewed right then and there.

What is the Field of Neuroscience Nutrition About?

The exploding field of neuroscience represents a multi-disciplined blending of biology, anatomy, physiology, developmental biology, molecular biology, cytology, psychology, engineering, and mathematical modeling. These various sciences are studied in concert to better grasp the emerging properties of neural circuits and neuros, i.e. the nervous system and how it relates to the overall health of the rest of the human body.

The practitioners of this science are called neuroscientists. They concentrate their endeavors on studying the brain and the effects it has on cognitive and behavioral functions or the way in which people actually think. Besides this, they also look into the inter-workings of the nervous system and how it relates to individuals who suffer from neurological, neuro-developmental, and psychiatric disorders.

These scientists may actually specialize in a great and varied range of scientific fields ranging from neuropsychology to neuroanatomy. This kind of research is able to better our ultimate comprehension of both body and mind, the ways they interlink with each other, and the varied health topics that impact them. Neuroscientists come from a wide variety of disciplines that include engineering, chemistry, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, and medicine.

These scientists conduct their research in aspects of the nervous system including cellular, behavioral, functional, evolutionary, molecular, computational, medical, and cellular levels of the human nervous system. An example of their practical research could apply to Alzheimer’s Disease. They work with such tools as computerized three-dimensional models and MRI scans.

They experiment with tissue samples and cell samples. Their discoveries will likely move us toward the creation of new medicines. Other neuroscientists work with treating patients directly.

Healthcare Supplements from the Science Focused Entirely on the Brain

This Neuroscience approach concentrates on the science underlying the individual symptoms as well as blending high-quality ingredients in meaningful doses to provide dependable and consistent results for the patients. This science seeks out professionally blended ingredients in the supplements.

These supplements include the likes of the four products discussed below:

Balance D

Balance D formula is made up of critical ingredients used by the brain to produce dopamine. This is a catecholamine crucial for impacting positive moods and memory. The neurotransmitters are Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine. Active ingredients include the following:

  • L-Dopa Amino Acids
  • N-acetyl-L-tyrosine Amino Acids
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine Amino Acids
  • Folate Vitamin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium

Calm CP

Calm CP was designed to reduce the harmful cortisol levels in the body. It delivers ingredients that aid in healthy sleep, calmness, and managing blood sugar. It works on the neurotransmiters Glycine and Taurine.

Its ingredients include the following:

  • Glycine Amino Acids
  • Taurine Amino Acids
  • Banaba Leaf Extract
  • Phosphateidylserine

Kavinace Zem

This member of the NeuroScience Supplements product lineup has ingredients that scientists have demonstrated to improve cognitive focus and restful, deep sleep. The neurotransmitters are Serotonin and GABA. The active ingredients include the following:

  • Blueberry Fruit Extract
  • Sceletium


ImuWell has such ingredients that boost energy, cognition, and help to manage musculoskeletal discomfort. Its neurotransmitters are Acetylcholine, Epinephrine, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine. The ingredient list includes the following:

  • L-DOPA Amino Acids
  • L-Tyrosine Amino Acids
  • L-Methionine Amino Acids
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Huperzine A
  • Boswellia Serrata

4 Steps for Switching Your Car Insurance Provider

If your car insurance premiums are on the rise while the customer service you receive from your provider is not what it used to be, it may be time to switch your insurance coverage. One recent report indicates that some new car models are affordable to insure, but if you are working with a company that does not strive to find you the best coverage possible, you may lose money elsewhere in your premium. Changing insurance companies can be daunting; however, there are a few steps you can take to find the right services for your budget and needs.

Understand Your Insurance Needs

When you first signed on with your current insurance company, you may have taken their advice about what was required or, if you did not own your car at the time, what your bank or lender required. If you have paid your car off since then, you might want to look into what you change about your policy before you switch carriers.

For example, if the bank required you carry collision insurance as well as basic liability, you may be able to get lower monthly premiums if your car is now paid off. You may also now qualify for certain discounts you could not take advantage of before. Make a list of what you want in a policy before you look for a new provider.

Talk With Your Current Agent

Speaking with your local car insurance agent can be an important step in switching providers because he or she may offer you a variety of policy discounts you were not aware of. In many cases, car insurance companies may have discounts available but drivers usually have to be proactive when it comes to seeking them out. While your current carrier might not be able to offer you bundling or other discounts, having this information can be helpful as you shop around for other services.

Beware of Cancellation Fees

Before you decide to make the switch, it is wise to review your current car insurance policy to ensure you will not be penalized for canceling it. While not all companies charge for this service, others may fine you as much as $50 depending on when you cancel. You may want to reach out to local insurance agents as you shop for a new policy to compare how each company handles cancellations in case you must change services again somewhere in the future.

Cover the Gap

Once you find a new insurance provider, it is important that you cover any gaps in your car insurance as you switch your policy over. Most companies now have phone apps that can provide you with digital proof of insurance until they can mail you physical copies, and you can usually begin a new policy right away. You might want to ask your new provider representative about this detail so you can be sure you are covered completely as you make the switch.

Switching car insurance companies might help you find a more affordable policy and improved customer service. Knowing which steps to take during this process can help you make a confident decision about which carrier will best suit your insurance needs and budget.

Preventative Maintenance and Your HVAC System

In order for your home to maintain a welcoming atmosphere, you need to dedicate time to specific tasks. Your HVAC system, for example, plays a pivotal part in providing the right temperature for your space. When you want your family members and guests to feel comfortable while in your residence, the HVAC system is the most important component to pay attention to. Of course, there are going to come times when your units are not performing in the way you’ve come to expect. To keep control over the situation, you need to perform regular HVAC maintenance.

Taking care of your HVAC system and all associated equipment can be a great way to protect your home from disaster. Give yourself a moment to explore these tips on how to best maintain your system. With a little bit of help, you will have no trouble putting in the effort to protect your HVAC system and keep it running in an optimal way.

Clear Away Junk

Some tasks associated with keeping your HVAC system functional will be easier than others. In the summer, you want to keep your home nice and cool. This means you are going to rely on your air conditioning units to help you cultivate an inviting atmosphere inside your residence. As air conditioning units draw in air for reticulation, the units often wind up collecting nearby dirt and debris. When leaves or dust start to collect in a unit, it can lead to all kinds of complicated problems.

To avoid a total malfunction with your unit, you want to dedicate a certain amount of time to keeping your air conditioners clean. Set aside some room in your schedule each week and focus on cleaning each unit of anything that might have gotten sucked in while the air conditioner was running. Should problems persist, take time to contact NATE-certified experts to come and take a look at your system. Learn more about what NATE-certified means by reaching out to local professionals who have experience with keeping HVAC systems in excellent condition

Examine the Unit

Preventative steps can get you far, but there are going to be some issues that are more difficult to solve. When you notice your air conditioner is not running the way it used to, it can be a good idea to take a closer look. Examine the unit for any glaring problems. You might want to look at the refrigerant lines, coils, and filters to begin. Any breaks or fissures in the refrigerant lines, for example, can be a big cause for concern. A leak prevents the coolant from flowing around the unit, stopping cool air from being produced.

Should you not be able to discover the source of the problem, you might want to reach out to those who can help you. Experts in the HVAC industry have seen all kinds of problems before. Contact professional assistance and find a solution to your issue as soon as possible.

Replace Filters

Finally, you definitely want to focus on the filters of your air conditioning unit. These fixtures are responsible for keeping recirculated air clean. When the filter clogs, it can lead to more serious problems for the entire HVAC system. Avoid these problems by taking time to change the filters roughly every ninety days. Some filters need to be changed more frequently than others, so be sure to check the specs on your unit to know the exact duration you should wait.

There are many different ways to go about maintaining your HVAC system. As long as you take your time and focus on a few basic tasks, you are going to be able to get more from your system. Contact professionals for additional assistance and give your home a feeling of comfort at all times.

What are Porcelain Veneers? Uses, Procedures, Treatments, and More

It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. For better or worse, your smile can say a lot about you. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry [PDF], 96% of American adults think that your smile can make you more appealing to potential partners. 74% think that an unattractive smile could hurt a person’s chances for career success. If you’re looking for a fast and cost-effective way to improve your smile, porcelain veneers could help you make a better first impression.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are thin strips of dental-grade porcelain. When glued to the front surface of teeth, they correct cosmetic or minor structural problems. Also known as laminates, they work much the same way as laminated wood. They add a perfected surface to something less visually appealing.

The cosmetic dentistry field has seen many advancements. Older veneers were thick and required more preparation of the tooth’s surface to apply. However, newer veneers, like Lumineers, are thinner, more pliable, and less destructive to the tooth’s surface. These advancements also come with a cheaper price tag.

What Conditions Can Veneers Correct?

One of the most popular uses for veneers is, of course, for teeth whitening. Porcelain can be tinted and hand-shaped to mimic the look of natural teeth while providing a whiter, brighter surface. However, veneers can also correct the appearance of misshaped or misaligned teeth, whether the underlying issue is genetic or due to an accident or age.

Veneers can alter the shape, length, and color of teeth without having to grind them down or remove them, like with implants or crowns. Some of the most common reasons for getting veneers are:

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Tooth bulges
  • Cratered or pitted teeth

How Do You Get Veneers?

When you decide to get veneers, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a dentist that offers cosmetic care, like Union Square Dental. Your dentist will provide an overview of the treatment, including benefits and any possible drawbacks. They will also perform an examination to determine if your tooth structure is sound enough to support veneers. You may also have X-rays and impressions taken at this time.

If everything checks out, you will likely have two more visits. If your dentist sends your impressions to an outside lab, the length of time between consultation and treatment could vary. Some people choose to only have their front teeth treated. In that case, patients will have to undergo teeth whitening to make sure that their remaining, untreated teeth match their new laminates. The entire process can take 1-4 weeks total.

How are Veneers Applied?

Getting veneers is a non-invasive and relatively painless procedure that requires minimal preparation. Before cementing them into place, your dentist will adjust the shape and size to ensure the proper fit. You will then receive a thorough cleaning before the tooth surface is etched to ensure a solid bond. The etching creates a rough surface that allows the cement to take hold. This is done with phosphoric acid, which is safe and mild.

The next step is to apply the cement and place the veneer. A special lamp emits a beam of light that activates the cement and causes it to harden faster. Your dentist will then remove any excess cement and check to ensure that you can bite down and open and close your mouth without obstruction.

What About After Care?

With proper care, veneers last anywhere from 7-15 years. Porcelain veneers are a permanent treatment option, so your oral hygiene will still be important to retain their appearance. Because you still have your natural teeth underneath the laminate, you will still have to worry about cavities and tooth erosion. Schedule regular cleanings and exams with your dentist. You should also avoid foods that can cause stains, including tobacco, as well as foods that can cause breakage.

Porcelain veneers allow you to keep what nature gave you while improving your appearance. They are a permanent cosmetic solution that is affordable and accessible. To learn more about veneers and if they are a viable treatment option for you, schedule a consultation with your own dentist or a cosmetic dentistry practice near you.

Getting Rid of Household Insects and Pests this Spring

Spring is the season of home maintenance and spring cleaning. It is also when most people begin to spot insects and pests in their homes. While a common annoyance, it’s important to address before it can get worse. Though they are tiny, invasive pests have had a serious economic, social, and environmental impact on our way of life. In order to combat these pests, it is useful to gain a better understanding of the options you have.

Assess the Situation

First and foremost, you want to spend a little time learning about what kind of pests you are dealing with. Ants and termites may look similar from above, but there are drastically different ways of dealing with them.

If you are not entirely sure what kind of species you are battling, then you might want to look towards professional help. Some pests can be treated without the help of professionals, but you always want to contact the experts when you have trouble finding the exact cause of an infestation. To get rid of pests for good, you are going to want to speak with someone in the industry and have experienced technicians check out your space.

Call in the Professionals

When an infestation is caught early enough, you might think you can take care of eliminating the threat without assistance. While this might seem like a simple task, you never know how intense the issue is until you start digging around for the source. By leaving it up to the experts, you are more likely to find the source and destroy it once and for all.

Getting rid of invasive species in your home is not going to be easy. In order for you to see the threat completely eliminated, you have to act fast. As soon as you notice there might be invasive pests in your home, contact the professionals who can come and take a look. The sooner you respond to the problem at hand, the easier it will be to get your home back to normal.

3 Benefits of Learning English Regardless of Your Location

English is the most widely used language in the world. It is the official language of 54 countries and the first language of 360 million people. English is also the most commonly studied language in the world. A whopping 20% of the world’s population speaks English. Because it is so popular, learning English has many advantages.

Study Abroad

If you would like to study abroad, you will need to know at least some English. For students who wish to enroll in English-speaking universities, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam will measure your ability. Students who are serious about their future can take the TOEFL preparation course online. The course outlines what you can expect from the exam and how to best prepare for it, including practice tests and personal guidance.

Job Opportunities

Many employers today have a global presence. Even if you are working for a local company or small shop, they likely have an internet presence. Because of this, it is common for job offerings to require some level of English. This expectation will only continue to grow in the future, so it’s a great idea to get a head start today.


There is a great, big world out there for you to see. Much of it speaks a different language than you do, but English seems to bind everyone together; at least for the most part. By being able to have basic conversations in English, you will have a more enriched travel experience. You will be able to find attractions and little-known spots by speaking with locals and fellow travelers. You will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the areas you travel to.

There are many more reasons why you will want to continue to focus on your English language development. The world is becoming more and more connected. Geographical borders are becoming less divisive and the ways in which we communicate are becoming more advanced. When you are able to speak the most widely used language in the world, more opportunities become available to you.

4 Home Maintenance Tasks for Spring

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air! While you may have a spring cleaning checklist, there are some areas of maintenance that you may be forgetting. It’s time to dust off your air conditioner, your washer and dryer, and even the top of your house. Use these maintenance tips to keep your home in tip-top shape throughout spring, summer, and beyond.

Windows and Doors

When spring cleaning your windows and doors, it isn’t enough to simply wipe them down with some glass cleaner. This is also a good time to perform maintenance. Check the tops, sides, and bottoms of your windows to feel for any drafts and visually determine if any of the seals are coming loose. If you detect issues, repairing them now could help you save money on your utility bills. This is also a good time to double-check that doorknobs and window locks aren’t loose or working improperly.

Roof and Gutters

Grab a ladder and some gloves and get up on the roof. Winter weather likely left twigs, leaves, and other debris all over your roof and in your gutters. Clogged gutters mean spring rains can’t trickle off the top of your house and into the yard, which could cause water to sit and even cause leaks. Remove any debris from the gutters and your roof, double-checking for missing shingles or cracks in the gutters as you go along. If you are unsure about getting on your roof yourself, call a professional to help you.

Washer and Dryer

Even if your friends and family don’t see them, it’s important to spring clean your washer and dryer. Doing so can add years to their lives. Remove the detergent and fabric softener dispensers from the washer to clean them. While you’re doing this, let a cup of bleach and a full tub of hot water soak in the machine and then run the long cleaning cycle. Rerun the cycle with hot water and vinegar. Finish with one more cycle of just hot water. If you have a front-loading machine, you should also clean the door seal with a bleach solution and a small toothbrush to prevent debris buildup.

When it comes to your dryer, it is important to remove lint buildup. Remove your lint filter and use your vacuum’s nozzle attachment to suck any lost lint out of the body of the dryer. Ensure there are no holes in your filter before putting it back into the machine. Wipe down the inside of the dryer with a rag and a mild detergent. If your dryer is automatic, you should clean the moisture sensor nodes as well. Don’t forget to remove the vent from the back of the dryer to remove any lint buildup.


Your HVAC unit is an essential part of your spring maintenance checklist. The quickest and easiest thing to do is to replace your unit’s filter. It is also important to turn your unit on and off, listening for any strange noises. Don’t forget to check the outside unit, either. If you notice anything that seems amiss, call someone to provide a professional inspection. If your HVAC unit hasn’t received an inspection in the past year, call a professional regardless.

By providing maintenance on the often forgotten parts of your home, you help to ensure their safety and longevity. A few hours on a Saturday afternoon can make a big difference to your wallet.