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6 Spotify Playlists to Wake Up To

Spotify playlists to wake up to

The best thing about Spotify, besides being able to listen to virtually any music that has ever been released to the public and for free no less, is the ability to create and follow playlists. This feature has opened Spotify up to become the newest version of the mix tape; and there isn’t a person out there who doesn’t love a good mix tape.

Here are 6 awesome playlists currently on Spotify perfectly tailored to start your day (and especially your Monday) off right.

Songs to Sing in the Shower

Amp up your morning by singing along to these classic hit tracks while you shower.
57 songs; 3hr 56min

Follow the Songs to Sing in the Shower playlist directly here.


The alarm clock has never sounded so good. Enjoy your morning with these uplifting, cheery indie rock songs.
76 songs; 4hr 46min

Follow the Digster RISE & SHINE INDIE playlist directly here.

Rock & Roll Wake Up

Get up and get moving with these energizing rock tracks.
40 songs; 2hr 10min

Follow the Rock & Roll Wake Up playlist directly here.

Caffeine Rush

A dose of coffee with the mash-up of perfect tracks that will get you buzzin’ faster than ever before.
69 songs; 4hr 29min

Follow the Caffeine Rush playlist directly here.

Mood Booster

Get happy with this pick-me-up playlist full of feel good songs!
98 songs; 6hr

Follow the Mood Booster playlist directly here.

Get Happy

Songs for cheering up!
36 songs; 2hr 14min

Follow the Get Happy playlist directly here.

Honorable mentions: I finally (!!!) got around to creating a playlist of every song that has been featured in our Monday Morning Tunes series. You can follow our Monday Morning Tunes playlist directly here. And if you’re looking for some of the best classic and current love songs out there, follow the Love Me Then Love Me More Spotify playlist.

What have you been listening to lately?
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