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A Simple Guide to Kitchen Chairs

The kitchen table — your family gathers around it to share meals and moments from their day; it is the site of homework assignments and school projects; it is where heated discussions and heart-to-heart conversations happen. In a lot of households, the kitchen table is the heart of the home, and for as many conversations that happen around it, you can also spark a conversation or two about it.

For as much time as you and your family spend gathered around the kitchen table, this is an area of your home where you can really showcase your unique sense of style.

Here are some of the most common solutions for kitchen chairs and seating arrangements for families large and small:

Traditional Kitchen Sets

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, shall we? This is the kitchen set we all know well. These kitchen chairs — an armchair for one of both ends of the table and side chairs for in-between — match its table counterpart perfectly in material, finish, as well as any additional design elements meant to tie the set together (think a floral stencil or print added to the back of each chair to keep with a theme.)

Mismatched Chairs

When most people think of a kitchen or dining set, they think of just that — a set. That is not, however, always the case. You have options! If you have a kitchen table but no chairs, you can track down a set of completely different chairs to go with it. The key to this option is not to try to find chairs that match your current table too closely. You don’t want your setup to look like you simply bought the wrong chairs by mistake. You can pair a traditional table with upholstered chairs, a dark wood table with lighter wood chairs, or an oak table with white chairs.

Another option is to use chairs that are all different around the same table. This option is gaining in popularity as a hip and edgy kitchen seating solution, but it can also look messy and cheap if not done properly. A surefire way to make sure your kitchen setup doesn’t just look like a mashup of old furniture you found at a flea market or yard sale is to create cohesion. For instance, try painting each chair that is made from a different kind or finish of wood the same color.

mismatched chairs
Photo: lizbauwens/Flickr

Bench Seating

Traditionally seen in country homes and/or in large families keen on squeezing as many children around the kitchen table as possible (though it isn’t always the most comfortable way to do it), bench seating can replace kitchen chairs on one or both sides of a rectangular kitchen table. A cushion for the top of the bench(es) will not only improve the comfort aspect, but it will also bring in an additional design element that can be changed out to match your mood or evolving style, or swapped out by season.

Ultra Modern

If you aren’t a fan of contemporary, rustic, or country style kitchens, then chances are that you’re more of an ultra modern type. Sites like eames chair replica shop aren’t just offering up the white, black, and chrome scoop seats that have become popular over the last few years, but also the newer wire frame and fiberglass chairs with natural wood legs that can be matched to any wooden table.

Top photo: jeremywilburn/Flickr

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Save 25% on All Christmas Cards at MagnetStreet

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Christmas card season is nearly upon us, and if you’ve been on the hunt for a sale on the perfect holiday card to send out to your loved ones, then you’re in luck with the MagnetStreet Christmas Card Sale.

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Christmas card

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Christmas card

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Tips For Tackling Mold in Your Basement

Basements can be great, and the presence of one was likely on your must have list when you were searching for your home. They provide us with ample storage space, as well as the possibility of turning it into additional living space some day, or a specialty area like a home bar, man cave, or income property. Unfortunately, because basements are below ground level, any plans that you may have for that space could be dashed as the natural conditions of an unfinished basement make it the ideal environment for mold and mildew.

If you have noticed a musty smell in or coming up from your basement, or have seen the presence of mold or mildew stains on any of your basement’s surfaces, follow these tips for stopping the growth and getting rid of it for good:

1. Find the Source of Moisture

Before you attempt to clean and disinfect the area, you first need to pinpoint the problem — unless you want to make cleaning and disinfecting the area a regular part of your routine. Mold needs three things to grow: a dark space with little airflow, organic material, and moisture. A standard unfinished basement or crawl space have all three of these things, making it prime real estate for a spore sanctuary. Ick. In order to get rid of the mold in your basement and make sure it doesn’t come back, you need to eradicate one of these factors — moisture.

The most common culprit for basement moisture is a leaky foundation, improper drainage, and condensation from large appliances. Most moisture issues that occur on concrete basement floors stem from possible moisture coming from the foundation walls. If your foundation is in need of repair, we recommend you call in the professionals right away. Your home’s outside drainage system might also be the source of moisture, as gutters are meant to bring rain water and melted snow away from your home. If they are not doing that, all of that water could be seeping into your foundation and into your basement. Otherwise, check any and all appliances you may have housed in your basement for leaky pipes and hoses: hot water heater, washer, dryer, sink, toilet, etc. When you find the source of moisture, be it a leaky pipe or hose, replace it immediately.

2. Implement Quick and Long-Term Fixes

Are we seriously recommending a quick fix? Yes, at least at first. Until you can completely moisture-proof your entire basement (which we will cover below), there are some fairly quick and easy fixes for at least stopping the growth and spread of mold in your basement or crawl space.

The humidity level in your basement or crawl space should stay below 60%. To ensure that it is, invest in a dehumidifier with a separate gauge to keep track of the humidity level. Make sure that any windows are closed completely and that the dehumidifier is installed properly. When your space’s humidity is at 50% or less, the musty smell that comes from active spore growth will dissipate.

Additionally, a Concrobium mold fogger can be purchased or rented at your local home improvement store. Concrobium kills all active mold spores as well as the airborne particles, and the use of the fogger will ensure that the solution coats all of the space’s surfaces in order to kill and eliminate the mold.

3. Moisture-Proof the Area

If your mold problem is particularly bad and persists past the implementation of the quick fixes we covered above, it may be necessary to take more drastic action.

A masonry waterproofing material can be purchased at your local home improvement store. With a latex base, it can be painted on your walls and stop water from leaking back into your basement. If that doesn’t work, or isn’t a permanent enough solution for your needs, you can also opt to redo your entire basement or crawl space, completely moisture-proofing the area by putting in new concrete or putting a new render onto the walls, like rendering service Sydney. This way, you can ensure that the work done in your basement is up to date and done right.

Moisture and mold in the basement or crawl space area is one of the most common issues any homeowner can face. By following these three steps, you can make sure that you will only go through this experience in your current home once.

Note: Whenever you are around mold, it is very important to wear protective gear, including a respirator mask. Coming into contact with or inhaling mold spores can make you sick. Additionally, if you have a breathing disorder such as asthma or emphysema, you should not attempt to remove mold in your home yourself. Please contact a professional.

Top photo: hhenvironmental/Flickr

The Little Unsaid Releases New Single and 2015 European Tour Dates

The Little Unsaid was stewed up in the badlands of West Yorkshire by multi-instrumentalist, producer, poet, and songwriter John Elliott. After beginning as a solo project, The Little Unsaid has evolved into a growing community of touring musicians and producers blending folk, electronica, orchestral music, and a meticulous songwriting craft with Elliott’s haunting, androgynous vocals.

Following on the heels of two well-received, crowdfunded albums, his third, “Fisher King,” is the result of traumatic personal crisis, reflected in the music’s genre-hopping complexity, lyrical honesty, and moments of cathartic release. It was recorded over four weeks in a myriad of unique and interesting locations — in a London basement, in the middle of Highgate Cemetery, in the steeple of a crumbling Islington church, and on a tiny island in the middle of the Celtic Sea. The album was mixed by Graeme Stewart, longtime Radiohead engineer and producer of Jonny Greenwood’s solo work, which has included producing and mixing the music for Hollywood movies “There Will Be Blood” and “The Master.”

The songs on “Fisher King” are part inspired by books that Elliott became obsessed with during his self-imposed isolation in the hills of West Yorkshire in the winter of 2014. These titles include Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita,” “Dante’s Inferno,” “The Death of Bunny Munro” by Nick Cave, and “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot (a poem from which the album title was taken). The tone of these literary works correlated with John’s own explorations of the destructive nature of human desire and the loss of faith in the face of catastrophe, which has bled its way into all of the songs on the album.

The lead single “Can We Hear It?” was selected by Catherine Cunning Coco Media & Artist Management and Mark Gardener OX-4-Sound, frontman of legendary Oxford band Ride, who also mixed the single during breaks from Ride’s recent world tour. Listen:

The song’s nursery rhyme style iterations mourn the loss of childhood innocence, over a sliced up sample of primary school children singing one of John Elliott’s older songs (this sample was recorded during his time working in a primary school in East London). This childlike mantra loops throughout the song over a playful electronic beat as sweeping strings and a twisted Mariachi brass section rise out of the nostalgic melancholy into a celebratory climax.

For the third time, John Elliott successfully enlisted the help of a dedicated and growing fan base to fund the making of “Fisher King.” Via crowdfunding platform Pledge Music, fans were offered pre-orders as well as limited edition art work and personalized songs, acoustic albums, and private concerts to crowdfund recording, mixing, and mastering of the album. A percentage of the funds raised is to be donated to UK charity Youth Music, which provides young people experiencing challenging circumstances with opportunities to make and be educated in music.

After appearing at major festivals including Glastonbury this summer, The Little Unsaid is now preparing for a UK and European full band tour to launch the single and perform tracks from the new album. Several of these shows will feature special performances with regular collaborators the Southfield String Quartet, who perform Elliott’s string arrangements on all of his releases.

The Little Unsaid European Tour Dates


Date Venue City
Sept 26 Exeter Phoenix Theatre Exeter
Oct 8 Bar 122 Huddersfield
Oct 9 Venue TBC Oxford
Oct 10 Guildhall Lichfield
Oct 11 The Lexington London
Oct 12 Nantwich Words and Music Festival Nantwich
Oct 13 Ort Cafe Birmingham
Oct 14 Square Club Bristol
Oct 15 Guitar Bar Nottingham
Oct 16 Hackforth Hall Bedale
Oct 17 Carefully Planned Festival (with Dear Pariah) Manchester
Oct 18 Oporto Leeds
Nov 20 Graves Gallery Sheffield


Date Venue City
Oct 27 Barrensteiner Whiskybar (Sold Out) Grevenbroich
Oct 28 Barrensteiner Whiskybar Grevenbroich
Oct 29 Schloss-Bistro Neuwied-Engers
Oct 30 Loewen Tuebingen
Nov 1 Updown Bar Luxembourg
Nov 2 Goldene Krone Darmstadt
Nov 4 Venue TBC Berlin
Nov 7 Freundlich und Kompetent Hamburg
Nov 8 House Concert Cologne

Website: The Little Unsaid
Facebook: The Little Unsaid
Twitter: @thelittleunsaid

Hair Tips from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Prom Episode

If you tuned in to last week’s “Pretty Little Liars” prom episode on ABC Family and fawned over the flowing tresses, stunning braids, or immediately began envisioning yourself with Aria’s short and sassy ‘do, we have some great tips and tricks on achieving the looks from the big night straight from the source. The show’s hair department head hairstylist Kim M. Ferry has shared her styling tips for the big dance, along with hair tips from season 6.

Prom Looks from ‘Last Dance’ Episode #609

At this point in our season, my hair department’s “Top Hair Moment” is definitely the prom episode, “Last Dance.” We designed some great hairstyles; built, cut, and added human hair extensions and intricate braids. I hired a jewelry designer, Mary Anne Brown (@energeticjewlry) and she made some beautiful custom hair accessories, all handmade for one special PLL. Interesting fact: Mary Anne picks stones that all have “energetic properties” with the intention of bringing joy to the wearer. I thought that was pretty cool to use on-camera.

I also custom made some flower hairpins and a lovely hair braid I clipped into an updo for another PLL. We even established some fun hairstyles on our Rosewood High School background prom guests as well. It was a big episode with loads of hair fun!

Tips for Styling Shorter Cuts like Aria and Hannah

Their shorter, textured hair lengths look so good on both of them. As for styling now, I still use a good setting spray before I curl them, like White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold Thermal Styling Spray. It can be used wet or dry. I usually spray each section I am going to curl. I like the softness of our “beach wave” looks, and have loosened them even more on Hannah and Aria in season 6. We have more youthful looks in the first 10 episodes of our show, created by letting their hair hang around their faces and drift onto their shoulders. By using a 1-inch wide hot curling iron, I wrap 1-inch hair sections vertically around the barrel, hold for 4-5 seconds, and then gently pull down on the curl and let the hair fall into place to cool as it hangs. This angle helps to give the effect that they walked out of the ocean and let their hair dry in the sun. I don’t usually use hairspray on either of them, but I do add my preferred oil to their ends daily — White Sands Orchids Oil. Put a little on your fingertips and lightly add it to dry, tired ends and watch it smooth hair immediately. Orchids Oil really helps with fly-aways, tangles, and most notably it smells delicious! (And yes, I use this oil at home in my hair too!)

Best Techniques for Loose Waves on Longer Hair Like Spencer and Emily

The technique is really very close to that for the shorter hair I described above. To create larger waves, simply switch to a larger iron, but I think a 1-inch hot iron works great with longer beach waves as well. Still use a good setting spray and curl vertically instead of horizontally and be sure to pull the wave out as it cools.

Character Hair Personalities

Our PLL characters’ personalities and their “hair personalities” can change episode-to-episode. One day the girls could be at school, with long flowing hair in wonderful, shiny beach waves and then they can hop in a car and be in “Sleuth Mode” with ponytails or have messy buns because they are hunting down answers on a dark night; or maybe they all have disheveled, dirty hair because “A” has locked them all in a terrible place! The scenes unfold in our scripts and the writer’s descriptions often mold the look for every character on “Pretty Little Liars.” I take my direction and consult the products and then the actors and create the best look for each moment we have on-screen. I want everyone to be happy — producers, writers, actors, and of course our amazing loyal fans!

The PLL’s hair has evolved a lot in seasons 4, 5, and now 6. We are heading into new directions soon and have even more hair surprises coming in the second half of the season, so be sure to tune in!

Top photo: Eric McCandless/ABC Family Channel © 2015 Disney ABC Television Group

Space Releases New Single ‘Strange World’ Plus 2015 UK Tour Dates

The subject of this week’s Monday Morning Tunes is a little different than most — and something tells me they would be pleased to hear that. Space is an English indie rock band who first gained major recognition in the mid-90s. While they have found a solid home within a genre I practically live in, and draw heavy inspiration from the eclectic sounds of 1960s and 70s rock that I grew up listening to and hold a deep appreciation for, there is something about Space’s peculiar sound that I do not typically go for. In fact, I almost didn’t even write this. So what changed my mind? You have to hear it to understand.

Space formed in 1993, and their history between then and now is as winding and electrifying as their front-and-center synthesizers. From 1993 until 2000, Space enjoyed a steady rise in prominence in the UK, as well as in the US when their hit single “Female of the Species” gained widespread airplay on college radio stations and on MTV back when MTV still predominantly played music. While they experienced shifts in the band’s lineup, they continued to tour and put out two albums before their record company Gut Records indefinitely delayed the release of their third.

After a 5-year moratorium, Space released the album “Suburban Rock ‘n’ Roll” under Randm Records in May 2004, but disbanded shortly thereafter in 2005. It wasn’t until 2009, when their former drummer passed away, that the remaining members of the band came together and began to sow the seeds of what would become of their musical endeavors together, once again.

Two years later in 2011 the big news hit that Space were back and the new lineup reunited original members of the band for the first time in 10 years. They were joined by three new members and cemented their return with a sold out reunion gig at the 02 Academy Liverpool in December.

Throughout 2012, Space performed at various venues and festivals while working on material for what would become the 2014 crowdfunded release of their first album in a decade — “Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab.”

As you can easily tell from just the titles of their albums, Space doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously; or seriously at all. That was one of the reasons why my immediate inclination was to write them off. And then I listened to their 90s hit “Female of the Species,” which I hadn’t heard when it initially came to fame. To my surprise, I found myself humming the chorus to myself and listening to it again. I like it when a band can prove my initial judgments dead wrong.

Space Strange World


Strange World
Ocean Waves Productions
October 19, 2015

Known for their over-the-top, dark humored lyrics that frequently deal with subjects like failed relationships, social outcasts, serial killers, and mental illness, Space doesn’t seem to be straying from their lyrical roots with their catchy new single “Strange World.” Take a listen:

Space’s upcoming album by the same name will be released by Ocean Waves Productions October 19, 2015, and the band will also embark on an extensive UK tour. Get the dates below.

“Strange World” combines Space’s signature sound with a Mariachi vibe, creating a record that could serve as the soundtrack to a David Lynch film. This is Space at their finest, a record set to delight their army of fans as well as winning many more.

Space UK Tour Dates

Date City Venue
Wed October 21 SWINDON VIC
Fri November 20 WIGAN OLD COURTS
Sun November 22 MANCHESTER FAC 251
Tue November 24 SWANSEA SIN CITY
Thu November 26 READING BOWERY
Fri November 27 BRISTOL FLEECE
Sat December 19 NORWICH UEA

Website: Space
Facebook: Space the Band
Twitter: @spacetheband