Autumn Wedding Favor Ideas Guests Will Appreciate with Daisy Days

laser-cut fall leaf favor box

Back in April, my partner of almost seven years and I got engaged. Unlike a lot of women out there, I have never in my life made “someday” wedding plans. You know, plans for a wedding that I would have someday, when I met the right person and they proposed and I would already know exactly when the wedding would be, what kind of dress I would wear, and what flavor the cake would be. Because I never made “someday” wedding plans, when I found myself newly-engaged and repeatedly being asked when the wedding was, I was at a loss. I had no idea.

The wedding industry is enormous, and the amount of details that go into planning one and all of the decisions, large and small, that must be made are overwhelming. It took me and my fiance three months to choose a season for our wedding, and then another few weeks to narrow it down to a month. We still don’t have a definitive date, but we do know that it will be in autumn, at some point in October of next year, when the weather isn’t too cold and the trees start to transform into beautiful fall foliage. Not only is autumn just a downright gorgeous season, it’s also pretty much a theme in itself, and a really important and amazing theme at that–nature!

I have done some very basic wedding planning throughout the past few months, but not nearly enough to have any real idea of what the day is going to actually look like and how everything is going to work. In the grand scheme of wedding planning, I have merely grazed the surface of gathering ideas.

Wedding favors are a detail that I have been giving a lot of thought to. I love the significance of them, and giving your guests a small token of appreciation to thank them for coming to your wedding and sharing such an important and happy day with you and your new spouse. Unfortunately, in all too many cases, guests bring wedding favors home with them, and then after a few days, realize that they really can’t use them for anything and they end up making their way to the garbage. I want to avoid that, so I have been on the hunt for autumn wedding favors that can be used by the guests who attend me and my fiance’s wedding after they get home.

Daisy Days I found quite a few practical and beautiful wedding favors at Daisy Days, an online retailer that specializes in high-quality, affordable wedding invitations, accessories, favors, and gifts. I have really been enjoying their website; it is chock full of great products that they kick-started my imagination, making me think of even more things I would love to incorporate into our wedding. It was also really refreshing to see that they have an entire section full of small accessories and trinkets that add a little something special for DIY weddings, considering mine will definitely have a lot of do-it-yourself elements. Have to keep those costs down as low as we can, you know?

Here are just a few of the autumn wedding favors I found on Daisy Days that I really like because they are guaranteed not to just sit around someone’s house until they are eventually thrown away. They can be appreciated and savored, and they will also bring a smile to your guests’ faces when they see them or use them and think back to the time they attended your wedding and what a great time they had.

Wildflower Seed Favors

wildflower seed favors

I have gotten really into gardening and tending to the flowers I have grown in my yard, so I am all about these eco-friendly flower seed favors that are plantable, personalized, and good for the environment. Each seed packet is filled with 300mg of wildflower seeds, enough to cover about 20 sq. feet.

Square Candle Tin Favors

square candle tin favors

Who doesn’t love a fragrant candle? I really love candles and often have them around my house to enjoy. Each time your guests light this candle favor, they will be reminded of your wedding, and after the candle is gone, the tin can be used for storing jewelry, small trinkets, or even refilled.

Muffin Mix Favors

muffin mix favors

Remember when I said a favor could be savored? I give to you, muffin mix favors. Each gloss pouch contains 6oz. of Gourmet Sweet Muffin Mix (makes approx. 4 muffins), with directions printed on the back of the pouch. You can also pair this favor with a heart handle mini whisk that comes with a white satin bow and heart-shaped handle.

Tree Bookmark Favors

tree bookmark favors

These tree bookmark favors are really unique because they truly can be used for years and years, reminding your guests of your wedding each time that they pick up the book they’re reading. Each silver colored tree comes in its own shimmery white book-shaped folder with a white satin ribbon closure. They can also be used for save the date cards instead of wedding favors, so your guests can “mark” the date for your event.

What are your favorite type of favors to receive at a wedding or other important event? If you’re married, what type of favors did you have at your wedding?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Daisy Days. Incentive was provided to me, and opinions are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Autumn Wedding Favor Ideas Guests Will Appreciate with Daisy Days”

  1. Those are pretty adorable. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and it can get overwhelming if done all at once. It’s good to work on thing then move to the next as opposed to all at once. And if you need to take a break, take it.

    A huge hit at my first wedding was giving away pens. People are always losing them, and let me tell you, afterwards, I had pens to utilize for years after. Worked out great 😉

    The Seed packets are my favorite!

    1. Pens are an awesome wedding favor idea, and they are really easy to get personalized too. In fact, I have a Woman Tribune pen that is super awesome. Good thing I haven’t lost it yet, but I have lost just about every other pen I have had in my possession. Thanks for the suggestion, and the seed packet favors in this post are my favorite of them all as well.

  2. I like whatever the bride and groom can afford to give. My first marriage we went to the Justice of Peace so, favors . . . well, the whole wedding planning thing was not any big deal. And if I ever get married again I just want something small with only a few people. Enjoy planning your wedding 🙂

  3. We had handmade mints at our wedding. I think the most interesting favor I’ve gotten was a key shaped like a heart that was actually a bottle opener. No one at our table could figure out why the bride was giving away large keys until she came over and told us what they actually were!

  4. A lot of our clients use the photos taken from our Wedding Photo Booth as a favor for their guests. Lot’s of fun and usually people keep 4×6 prints (we don’t do the small prints).

    Congrats, and I want to give you kudos for being your own Wedding Planner! We find that most people have a hard time with this. But just in case you get stuck, most party rental companies can be of tremendous help.

  5. Oh, and one more thing that might help you and anyone else reading who is planning a wedding or any party… (btw I am a real human who owns a party rental shop) one of the directory websites is printing free invitations and envelopes to get people to see their directory. I have a link on my facebook page if you care to check it out. The company is partypop here is the link: Wedding Invitations”


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