Awesome Smartphone Apps for Self-Defense

Four smartphone apps that have your back!

My Panic Button screenshot The best defense is not to be in the position to have to defend yourself at all. I learned that from my karate instructor when I did an introduction to self-defense last fall with my sister. However, on top of some basic self-defense skills, your smartphone can act as an effective first line of self-defense in an emergency situation when avoiding the danger isn’t an option.

For instance, there are smartphone apps–for Android phones, iPhones, and even T-Mobile 4G phones–available that street you away from dangerous situations–such as occurring police standoffs, hazardous auto accidents, road spills, and ongoing fire and disaster alerts. However, for women in particular, I find that the following four apps give me peace of mind when it comes to walking to my car late at night or feeling prepared if I think that I might be in danger.

  1. My Panic Button ($2.03 — for Android)

    The best peace of mind for me is having the My Panic Button app at my side whenever I’m walking to my car alone at night or I happen to find myself in a rough neighborhood in my car or on foot. This app allows me to instantly dial 911 in an emergency situation. It also uses my phone’s GPS tool to find my exact coordinates. If I press the My Panic Button, 911 is dialed immediately and notified of my location. Also, an email alert with my exact location (street name and GPS location) is emailed out to the individuals on my emergency contact list, and as a backup, my Facebook and Twitter statuses will instantly show an emergency plea with my exact location.

  2. Jiu Streetsu (Free — for iPhone)

    The Jiu Streetsu app teaches users over 68 effective street self-defense techniques to protect you against things like knife, gun, or hand-to-hand combat attacks. Using the Reasonable Force principals of Jiu Jitsu, this app provides the basis of what you’ll need to defend yourself long enough to get free and far from harm’s way. Providing a self-defense foundation with step-by-step photo slideshows complete with detailed instructions for each technique, plus video to show slow motion and real time examples. This app will also show you what not to do if in trouble–with incorrect examples of common errors shown via video. If you want further training, you can seek out self-defense classes, a gym, free educational events, or a training partner in your area using the Jiu Streetsu locator feature.

  3. iFightBack (Free — for iPhone)

    If you’re eager to learn some self-defense techniques, or just want to give yourself a few basic self-preservation street skills, the iFightBack app will help you venture into the world with self-esteem and confidence. This app provides users with video samples of six real world self-defense scenarios–and proven self-defense techniques to get you out of them all safely and effectively.

  4. Self Defense for Women ($1.11 — for Android)

    You never know when and where danger might be lurking. That’s why for women, a knowledge of basic self-defense is important. With violence against women on the rise, we are prone to assault and other street crimes–such as car-napping, kidnapping, robbery, and rape by unknown assailants. However, an app like Self Defense for Women will help you prepare you (mentally and physically) with a few quick self-defense moves that will give you a better chance to defend yourself and get way without being harmed.

This is a guest post by Pearlie Davis, a staff writer for Going Cellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, and reviews on popular devices and phones.

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  1. Would’ve never ever thought that these kind of apps existed! However there are apps for pretty much anything and everything unimaginable out there! VERY useful info 🙂

  2. This is good advice, but i’m not sure it’s an app I’d utilize… yes, the best self defense is being aware at all times… but I think taking a class is always the best.

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