Barbie & The Diamond Castle DVD & Princess Dolls

Barbie and the Diamond Castle Barbie has entertained us all for years, she has been around for most of our childhoods and is continuing to bring joy to our children.

The Barbie entertainment collection has sold more than 48 million copies to date and are thrilled to introduce Barbie and Teresa in a DVD all about best friends, a magic mirror, a love of music and working together in Barbie & The Diamond Castle.

Barbie & The Diamond Castle begins with the two best friends practicing a guitar duet when a young girl runs in after having a fight with her best friend. Barbie starts to tell her a story about two friends who were put in danger because they had both thought that her friend had betrayed her, but of course, their friendship won out in the end. The friends, Liana (played by Barbie) and Alexa (played by Teresa) were one day given a magic mirror and found another girl, Melody, hiding inside of it.

Melody works with the three muses who use the magical Diamond Castle to spread music throughout the land, but one of the muses wants to be the sole ruler of music. With her magical flute and an evil serpent named Slider, the muse turns the other two muses into stone. Alexa and Liana’s mission is to help Melody rescue the muses and overthrow the muse’s reign as the sole ruler of music; but like all stories, the two friends face danger and deception along their way.

What I especially like about this movie is that it teaches young girls all about the power of friendship and how important it is, rather than romance. Although Ken does make an appearance, he does so to provide comic relief in the movie and plays two characters, Ian and Jeremy, who are traveling musicians on the road with their two puppies, Sparkles and Lily. What is also great about the traveling musicians is that they provide witty dialogue that is meant to keep parents who are watching the movie with their children interested, so if you do decide to make this movie the focal point of a family night or something fun to do to wind your children down before bed, it shouldn’t be too torturous for you.

Barbie This movie will be adored by young girls up to the age of 8. It is a modern fairy tale, one of the more realistic tales to be told by Mattel as far as fairy tales go, and was conjured up by a person with a true appreciation for music.

To complete the experience of Barbie & The Diamond Castle, your children will also love the Princess Liana and Princess Alexa dolls.

Princess Liana and Princess Alexa dolls are true princesses equipped with sparkly dresses that turn from simple dresses into magnificent ballgowns with a turn of a knob, they both have jeweled tiaras and pendants that light up. What I especially loved about the dolls is that they sing songs from the Barbie & The Diamond Castle movie and when they hold hands, they sing a duet together.

The dolls are both very durable, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking. The only thing that I did notice that may be a little problem with the dolls is that when you turn the knob to transform their dresses, you need to help the dress itself to turn over, the knob itself will not transform the dress completely.

Barbie These dolls are absolutely perfect for young girls, the only thing that I urge you to keep in mind, and I’m sure we all remember this from our own time playing with Barbies, is that their shoes are very tiny and very easy to choke on and of course, will most likely get lost within minutes of opening the packages. Besides the few qualms I had with the dolls, they were most definitely an immediate hit with my stepdaughters who are ages 3 and 4 and I am positive they will also be instantly adored by any young girl. If your children have not seen the Barbie & The Diamond Castle movie, they will still have a ball with these dolls, especially if you have children who are close in age where they can play with the dolls together and if they have seen the movie, they will love their dolls even more!

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