What’s Better for the Bedroom?

What’s better for the bedroom? Well, the right size bedside lamp of course! We’ve provided the Dos and Don’ts so that when the lights are on, you’ll be happy, too!

If a lamp is too tall, you’ll need a sun visor in bed, and when you’re just beginning to nod off, you’ll have to sit up and struggle over to the light switch to turn it out, reawakening. If it’s too short, you won’t be able to see a thing; not to mention there is then scale and function. It can all be so confusing.

Here’s our MyDesignGuide rule of thumb for selecting bedside lamps with Dos and Don’ts that make it easy.

small bedroom
These lamps are lovely, but a bit too tall.

The bedside lamp switch should be from 21 to 30 inches high, approximately equal to your arm length so that you can easily reach it to turn it off. You might combine a taller lamp and shorter table or the reverse, either way works, but the switch height is key.

white bedroom

Don’t: Thes elamps are gorgeous, as is the bedroom design, but the lamps are too large for the tiny bedside tables. Whether it’s for your bedroom or guests, select lamps that are the right size for the table they sit on. A good rule of thumb is that lamps should be 1/3 the size of the table.

classy bedroom

Do: Notice that the side tables are lower than the bed. While the lamps are on the taller side, they work due to the lower bedside table. Just right for light and reach!

colorful bedroom

Do: These are just right, too. Table is a bit higher, the lamp is a bit shorter, but still at arms length.

country bedroom

Do: If you have a very small space beside the bed, consider hanging a chandelier from the ceiling. It should hang at approximately 26 inches above the bed and is a great way to free up table space. If you want a very custom look, install a switch for each chandelier by the bed, or for a less expensive option, swag the chord over and run it down the wall (don’t forget the chord cover!) so that you can turn them off at bedside.

red and green bedroom

Do: Use a floor lamp as a bedside lamp. Again, great for small spaces and it eliminates the sometimes ‘matchy matchy’ look we get in our bedrooms.

wooden bedroom

What about swing arm lamps on the wall? DO, just keep the 26 inch height in mind. Great for small spaces and to keep the bedside tabletop uncluttered; or you don’t need to have a bedside table at all.

minimal bedroom

Don’t: We see a lot of very small bedside lamps in homes. Remember, your bed, no matter what size, is a large object. It needs lamps and other objects of larger scale in the room to give the room balance. Also, you need enough light to reach the bed, not just the top of the side table.

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  1. My wife and I keep fighting over whether we should have stand-alone lamps or wall lamps on each of our sides. Might have to do one of each at this rate *sigh*

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