The Best Health Apps to Help You Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

This is a guest post by Gabrielle Green of TipsOnHowToSaveMoney.

Fooducate app Let’s face it, there just isn’t much that your smartphone isn’t capable of helping with; and if you are anything like me, which you probably are, that smartphone goes everywhere with you. It helps with work details, personal obligations, and everything in-between. If you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, or just beginning to really pay attention to what you eat and keep track of your exercise progress, there are endless apps out there strictly dedicated to helping you succeed.

Whether you have an Android, iPhone, or any one of the new BlackBerry phones, here are some of my favorite health apps that can help you stay healthy and on-track with everything from diabetes to workouts to calorie counting. I hope you find them useful too!

Fooducate: This app helps users to better understand food labels and important information without incorporating too much information. In fact, it can scan items right in the store and then highlights the pros and cons of the product and grades them based on their “healthiness,” while offering alternatives.

Epicurious: Eating smarter doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. This app houses more than 30,000 recipes and also includes helpful functions such as creating shopping lists and step-by-step instructions for more complicated recipes.

Foodily: This app is a recipe database with a social twist. It allows users to collect recipes, share them with friends, as well as store favorites.

Fig: This app is basic and easy. Create a plan from common wellness goals, such as increasing water intake, walking more, and the like, and share them with the Fig community to gain the extra motivation you need to keep going on those tough days.

Couch to 5k: I’ve always been resistant to running. I just don’t understand how people love it. That changed when I started using this app. It is aimed at beginner runners who need the motivation to get started. Before you know it, the app will have you comfortably running a 5k that you never dreamed possible!

RunKeeper: Skiing, walking, running, or jogging — it doesn’t matter — this app can help you keep count of the calories you burned, the duration you’ve been working out, and more. It also lets users share their workouts on social media and with other people who use the app.

Charity Miles: This is by far one of my favorite app finds! Recently launched in 2012, this app keeps tracks of all the miles you walk, bike, and run and donates the results to charity on your behalf. Users don’t have to open their wallets, they just need to move, thanks to corporate sponsors. Simply pick a cause that is near and dear to you and get moving; it’s that simple.

Lose It!: Most people are constantly making an effort to lose weight in some way or another. Lose It! users gets custom weight loss plans that also tracks food intake, activity levels, and allows for connecting with other users. It also has a large food database. Most useful is that the app can sync up with popular fitness tracking devices for further tracking.

There are just a few of my favorite health apps; there are countless more available. There are also apps that can help you monitor health news such as food and drug recalls and more.

If you have a favorite health or fitness app that I didn’t list here, please share in the comments!

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