Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie Mix and Prize Pack Giveaway [Closed]

Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie Mix Prize Pack

Fall is somewhat of the unofficial start to baking season, and with good reason. For the first time in months you can bare to turn your oven on for more than 30 minutes at a time without feeling as if you just may overheat and pass out in the middle of your kitchen. This is pretty much the only reason you need if you’re asking yourself if you should bake some brownies. The answer is yes. Always, yes. I am fairly certain that there is never a bad time for freshly baked brownies, which pretty much sums up why I recently tried out the new Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix in the middle of the night. The middle of the night is still prime brownie-making and consuming time, believe me.

Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownies

We have made our own homemade brownies from scratch before, and while they are always good, they also take a significant amount of time and energy to accomplish. I’m not always a big fan of waiting. Me and the concept of patience are not very well acquainted, so I’ll most often opt for brownie mixes in order to satisfy my chocolate craving in as little time as possible. These brownies can be made in just three extremely easy steps and are ready in under 20 minutes. That delights my inner five-year-old who anxiously waits in front of the oven as if that will somehow alert the brownies that they need to hurry up and finish baking so I can put one in a bowl with a generous scoop of ice cream.

My brownies came out perfectly and they were delicious. Packed with delicious milk chocolate flavor, but not containing so much chocolate that it makes you sick and not want to look at chocolate at any point in the foreseeable future. Something that I could not help but want to dole out copious high-fives over is the fact that the Wilton baking pan that arrived in our Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie Mix prize pack is non-stick and made it so that the very first brownie that emerged from the baking pan came out cleanly with no hassle. That is pretty spectacular if you have ever had to fight with your food to get it out of the pan.


MyBlogSpark has generously provided us with the opportunity to give away an additional Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie Mix prize pack to one lucky Woman Tribune reader. Included in the prize pack is one box of Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix, a Betty Crocker apron, Wilton baking pan, and mixing spoon.

The Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie mix prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.

58 thoughts on “Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Traditional Brownie Mix and Prize Pack Giveaway [Closed]”

  1. I would say anytime is the right time for brownies. They are simply too good for words. The right time is right when you need that little sweet that little bite of chocolate.

  2. I usually bake brownies whenever I need to take something to a party, a cookout, or a church pot lock. They are easy, good, and people always eat them up.

  3. MMMM Everyday is a special day for warm delicious chocolate brownies! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream-ur all set!!

  4. Haha! Baking brownies is an almost daily thing here in our house! There are ten people here, so they do not go far!

  5. I never need a special occasion to bake brownies, I make them all the time because we love them and enjoy a sweet snack, I make them on weekends when I tend to have more time and they usually last for a day sometimes 2 depending on who is home when they come out of the oven

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

    debis126 at

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