Big Eye Dummies: A Big Hit with Kids and Immature Adults Alike

Big Eye Dummies

As soon as I came across Big Eye Dummies’ website I knew I had come across something very unique and very, very fun. Their website alone will make you crack up; from the first glance over the website and you notice that they recommend their designer plush dolls for kids ages 2 and up to immature adults and you know what, they are completely correct in that assessment. I recently had the opportunity to receive Slicka the penguin from the Big Eye Dummies collection and I have to admit, me and my partner played around for it for a good long while before handing it off to the stepkids.

Big Eye Dummies Big Eye Dummies are incredibly cute, incredibly wacky designer plush toys that come with two sets of interchangeable eye and mouth pieces letting you change the way your toy looks by mixing and matching to your heart’s content!

Big Eye Dummies were designed and created in New York City by David Lipson who is a professional Animation Producer and Director. He has worked on television shows like Word World, Lizzie McGuire, Schoolhouse Rock, and also shorts for Sesame Street!

Big Eye Dummies The quality of Big Eye Dummies is incredible; the eyes and mouth are gently sewed down so after you cut the threads you can immediately begin mixing and matching. What I love the most about the toys is that the interchangeable parts are magnetic; they are not Velcro which has the tendency to get pieces of lint, hair, and whatever little easily-stickable things that are on your floors or furniture caught in it and after a while becomes unusable. Because Big Eye Dummies uses magnets to stick the eyes and mouths on the plush toys, they will last a good long time!

Not surprising in the least, Big Eye Dummies have received great recognition for their toys and have even received Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award!

We love Big Eye Dummies; the kids had a great time mixing and matching them and I think my partner and I had just about as much fun with them! You can purchase Big Eye Dummies on their website for $19.99 each.

Big Eye Dummies is giving away a free doll every month! If you want to enter their contests, become a fan of Big Eye Dummies on Facebook. Further instructions are provided on the site.

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