Billy Ray Cyrus Clears Up Some Controversy

Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus Just about everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few months have heard about the Miley Cyrus controversy when it came to her photo shoot for the June issue of Vanity Fair, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

Many people were outraged by the sexuality implied in Miley Cyrus’ famous picture of her wrapped in a sheet and her back bare. While many (including myself) see nothing wrong with the picture itself, the incident is still receiving mass attention and the masses want to know what her father, infamous Achey Breaky Billy Ray Cyrus, who co-stars with Miley on the hit Disney television show Hannah Montana, has to say about the picture and how it has been received.

On NBC’s Today show, Billy Ray was asked about the controversy involving his daughter and the pictures that had appeared in Vanity Fair. He says that while he wasn’t there at the time, but Miley’s publicist was and it seemed as if everyone was in control of the situation. Miley was not subjected to anything that the people speaking for her were not aware of and in my opinion, they changed their tunes as soon as the picture leaked and so many other people seemed to be offended by the images. Disney is, after all, a wholesome television channel for children and Miley Cyrus’ success has erupted and she has built a solid fan base of a great deal of young girls. After all, we don’t want Miley to end up like another Britney Spears case, do we?

Regarding the image of Miley in a black tank top that shows her midriff and in her father’s arms, Billy Ray says that that is simply “A daddy that loves his daughter a whole lot.” He also says that he and his daughter “got caught up in this adventure that we’ve gone through with this dream, and what we do for a living. We both love acting, we love making music and we love each other. I’m her dad and she’s my daughter, so if a daddy hasn’t hugged his daughter recently, I’d recommend he does.”

4 thoughts on “Billy Ray Cyrus Clears Up Some Controversy”

  1. This ‘scandal’ has only added to the Cyrus’s popularity and public profile. I didn’t even know who Miley was until word broke out about this photo shoot. She must have a great publicist. The only controversy here is the media’s love affair for trash news.

  2. In the last few weeks, even more pictures have been on the net; not pics for magazines but obviously from a webcam or digital camera. What little I’ve seen, the Vanity Fair pictures look like they could be hung up in a church with no objection compared to these.

  3. The media has just taken it all out of preportion.

    when she poses COMPLETELY nude for playboy or somthing, then you can go whinging but until then leave her alone.

    shes just a teenage girl having some fun!!!!

    The media obviously has an issue with teenagers having fun… first corey worthington now miley!!!

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