Billy Reid ‘Rise’ T-Shirt Benefits Red Cross Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Fund

Billy Reid Rise tshirt Areas of Alabama as well as other regions throughout the south have recently been plagued by devastating tornadoes and strong storms. They have led a pathway of destruction throughout some cities and small communities, and in some cases, have left areas completely destroyed. In response to these overwhelming storms, Billy Reid is giving back to the countless people who live in and depend on these areas; to inspire, motivate and give hope to those who need it while they embark on rebuilding their communities.

With the release of a very symbolic tee featuring a distressed print that still manages to radiate the message of the dawn of a new day, the ‘Rise’ tee will help in aiding the communities and areas affected with all profits from sales going directly to the Red Cross Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Fund.

The tee seems to be selling quickly, now only available in sizes extra small, small and large. It is made of 100% cotton in Canada and sells for $38.

When you buy the ‘Rise’ tee, your contribution to the Red Cross Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Fund will provide emergency needs including shelters, meals and snacks, as well as physical and mental health services.

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