Birthday Girl

Rylie and My Life As doll

This past Saturday we had a birthday party for my stepdaughter, Rylie, who turned 7 years old. It wasn’t anything big, just a small get-together at our house with me, my fiance, and his parents, celebrating Rylie being another year older.

Since her older sister’s pirate-themed birthday party last summer, Rylie has told us on numerous occasions that she would like an Uglydoll-themed party when it was time for her birthday.

Uglydoll wall decor

We decorated the dining room with a ‘Happy Birthday’ Uglydoll poster above the threshold of the dining room and living room, two large, plastic wall decor posters on the back wall behind our dining room table, and so many spiral streamers hanging from the ceiling. So many!

Because we try not to produce much unneeded waste whenever possible, when we buy themed birthday party decor, it gets repurposed as kids’ room decor. It not only serves as a good memory of their last birthday parties, but makes their room just a little more fun to hang out and play in.

Rylie birthday cupcakes

I made some absolutely delicious cupcakes for the party. They were a simple chocolate cupcake (in festive birthday cupcake liners!) with vanilla frosting and decorated with pink sugar crystals and multi-colored heart sprinkles.

Rylie and My Life As doll

Rylie has been all about dolls lately. She has been playing with the Go! Go! Sports doll that we received back in 2010 almost exclusively every time she is here. We even made this doll a makeshift bed out of sheets that she was thrilled about.

When my fiance and I were birthday shopping for her, he found a real doll bed and thought she would love it. It turned out to be an accessory for the My Life As line of dolls, so we got the doll bed and the My Life As Schoolgirl doll. It turned out to be the biggest hit of her birthday party. She loves this doll, whom she named Clarabell.

All in all, I’d say that Rylie’s 7th birthday was a huge success!

5 thoughts on “Birthday Girl”

  1. Happy Birthday Rylie!! ( She is just beaming.)

    Love the Ugly dolls and dolls in general are always a great find for a girl. I plan on getting my daughter a special one for Christmas this year. 🙂

  2. That is so sweet! Those cupcakes look delicious you did a great job on them. I have never heard of this ugly doll line but it sounds pretty interesting. Happy Birthday to Rylie!

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