Bite Back Against Mosquitoes This Season with These Prevention Tips

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  1. GiGi Eats says:

    What’s great here in LA… No mosquitos! Or at least, I HAVE NOT experienced them… Knock on wood!LOL!

  2. I have read that the day-biting mosquitos (Aedes species) are the ones that carry the nasty diseases. These tips are great! In addition to some of these, I know having a citrusy plant wards them off too.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    Mosquitoes are very dangerous, you never know what kind of virus they’re carrying. I always make sure we have a repellent at home to keep the whole family safe. It’s important to eliminate all the possible ares they can use for breeding, especially the bathroom and the yard where there can be puddles of water.

  4. We have really bad mosquitos here and I’m surprised that our town does not spray to prevent them like others in the area. I’m glad to know that there are things I can to to prevent them from biting.

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