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The Blogger’s Guide to Swimwear Coverups #ad

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orange sarong
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Swimwear coverups are not just fashionable, they are highly practical for a variety of reasons. If this is the first time you have thought about obtaining a beach coverup or are wondering which ones are the best, it’s time you were armed with the right information before you shop and make your purchase. After all, with so many different coverups available, selecting the ideal one isn’t just a matter of fashion, it’s also about obtaining a quality product.

What is the purpose of a swimwear coverup? The obvious answer is to cover your body while you are not in the water. However, its function extends beyond this simple purpose. Coverups can also:

  • Protect you from the sun
  • Provide you with warmth
  • Act as a towel and help soak up excess moisture from the skin
  • Provide a barrier between you and the sand or another surface that you don’t want your skin to touch directly

Depending on the versatility of the coverup, some can even double as other clothing and be converted into a skirt, pants, shorts, sundress, or shirt. Thus, a coverup could serve one purpose or it may have several.

Not all coverups are created equal. They differ in style, materials, and functionality. The following is a rundown of the different types of coverup:

  • Sarongs: This is perhaps the most useful of the swimwear coverups. Sarongs are a long or medium-sized piece of fabric that can be used to cover the wearer in many ways. Depending on the sarong, it can be ties around the waist or hips, or tied as a skirt, dress, shirt, etc. Sarongs can also be used as a blanket or even tied into a bag to carry items.
  • Tunics: Likely the most popular of all the coverup options, the tunic is a long, light, loose-fitting and usually transparent shirt. The bottom of a tunic typically reaches the upper or lower part of the thighs.
  • Dresses/Skirts/Shorts/Pants: This style of clothing that has been designed as swimwear coverups can be of any length and style, but are usually casual, breezy, lightweight, made with water repellent or moisture absorbing materials, and are easy to pull on or off. They are ideal for beach-goers who intend to engage in activities or visit destinations beyond the beach where attire other than a swimsuit is more appropriate.

The top materials for coverups include natural and breathable fabrics, such as terry, linen, and cotton. If you intend to wear a coverup while swimming, those that are made from the same materials found in swimwear, such as Lycra and polyester, are ideal.

2 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Guide to Swimwear Coverups #ad”

  1. I’ve always just worn a t-shirt as a coverup but I would like something more stylish. I love the look of the sarong the best. These days they have some very nice coverups to choose from so making up my mind what to settle on won’t be easy.

  2. I have always worn an old dress over my swimsuit to the beach. I love your ideas though, I think I may have to go out and buy a fun new cover up for my beach vacation!! Thanks for the advice!

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