Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant Review

Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant Choosing the right lubricant for yourself and your potential partners is serious business. Not too long ago I received an email from a friend of mine who had no clue where to even start when it came to choosing the right lubricant. With the amount of misinformation floating around out there and the specific “rules” that come with different lubricants because of the myriad of chemicals used in these products, it can be really easy to become confused or overwhelmed.

Blossom Organics has created a line of intimate care products, including sensation oils, arousal gels, and lubricants. At the forefront of Blossom Organics is Melissa Jochim, who has been said to be a “visionary” in the organic personal care industry and the mission in which she has built Blossom Organics is a very upstanding one; they create “safe, naturally pure intimate care products.” Blossom Organics is part of the Good Vibrations Ecorotic collection, which consists only of toys and intimate care products that are earth-friendly, all-natural, and organic. Good Vibrations was generous enough to allow me the opportunity to try out the Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant.

The packaging of Blossom Organics products is very pretty and girly. It comes in a white and purple box adorned with small flowers here and there and the 4oz bottle inside is decorated with the same colors and art. I have used this lubricant several times–while having sex, using a variety of different toys made from different materials, using my hand–and simply, it is a lube that provides moisture for a fair amount of time without the worry of health and skin-related issue or incompatibility with toys or condoms. I say that is provides moisture for a fair amount of time because the first time I used the Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant, after about ten minutes of having sex, I wanted to stop and reapply. I didn’t, but the sensation of needing a little more of a slick and slippery surface was definitely there. I felt it again when using a dildo and again with a few different vibrators. While it provides a sufficient amount of moisture for a little while, I always want to apply more after a, what I deem to be, short amount of time. This lubricant is also meant to provide a warming sensation and it does this with the use of peppermint instead of using harsh chemicals, so yay for that! The first time I used this lube I found myself concentrating, trying to find the warm sensation. It was a lot more subtle than I thought it would be, but hey, I hadn’t used warming lubes before using Blossom Organics, so I didn’t know exactly what I was supposed to be feeling. Due to the presence of peppermint, it provides this subtle warming sensation by opening up the pores which initially sends a cooling sensation over you that evolves into a warming sensation.

Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant is water-based, which is how it is completely safe to use with any and all sex toys you own, including your silicone toys. It is also glycerin-free and latex-friendly, so you can use it safely and easily with condoms. It is safe for seemingly all skin types, even those who usually have skin irritation and other problems arise from using other brands of lubricant, and it is pH balanced for women, which essentially means, in Holly-speak, that it won’t make your vagina angry. Nothing is worse than an angry vagina.

I would have liked Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant more if I didn’t feel like it dried up in such a short amount of time. However, it’s easy to just apply more, albeit a little annoying. When it does become dry, it doesn’t flake or chip, it’s just very literally not there anymore. I was impressed by the amount of moisturizing going on with this moisturizing lubricant. Every time I use it, if I don’t immediately shower afterward, it leaves my skin very soft, which I’m writing down in the “pro” column.

So if you’ve been looking for a completely safe lube with a subtle warming kick to it, check out Blossom Organics products. You can feel good about using it because of it’s USDA organic status, and it works for any and all intimate encounters, whether you’re solo or with a partner.

Good Vibrations

Thanks to Good Vibrations for giving me the opportunity to review Blossom Organics Warm Sensation Moisturizing Lubricant. Check them out to see all the other lubricants they stock!

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