Book Review: Getting Naked Again by Judith Sills, PhD

Relationship expert and bestselling author of titles including Excess Baggage, Fine Romance, and The Comfort Trap, or What If You’re Riding a Dead Horse?, Judith Sills’ latest offering to women is a big dose of reality, compassion, and humor served straight up.

Getting Naked Again is for any newly-single (or not-so-newly single) woman easing into romance, sex, and/or a new relationship after a divorce or a death of a spouse, but mostly and especially for women emerging from divorce after a lengthy marriage. Sills’ language is fast-paced and hilarious and will undoubtedly make you think that she is not merely a relationship expert, but someone who has met you, spent time with you, and then wrote a book about you and your life through the past months or even years. This book reads more like a group of close girlfriends with the famous, no holds barred dialogue between good friends that every woman experiences at some point in her life, or if she’s lucky, throughout her life. Getting Naked Again exposes that dialogue women have either with their friends or with themselves because sometimes what women think to themselves is not something that they would openly share with other people. Why? Because women do not like and will sometimes even downright refuse to put themselves in a place of vulnerability that is able to be seen by other people. Instead of seeming vulnerable, we appear strong, put together, confident, and self-aware while inside, we sometimes feel not completely sure of ourselves and even scared, especially when it comes to easing ourselves back into romance after thinking of ourselves as a part of a couple for so long.

Getting Naked Again will ease you out of whatever comfort zone you have been living in, whether you’ve thrown yourself into grandparenting, your career, a new career, compulsive baking, or a myriad of other activities women have a tendency to rely on in order to keep themselves afloat or just busy. It will guide you into realizing and accepting your situation and even embracing your singlehood while you test and try on potential long-term companions. Not only does Sills make you feel comfortable in who and where you are in your life, she gives you the Lincoln Logs to build your own future where you decide what happens in your life and how you transcend into the next phase of your life.

Getting Naked Again is the ultimate resource for older women (around age 30 and up) who have found themselves newly-single and need that one friend who identifies with what they’re feeling and is always full of great advice.

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