Book Review: “Pinterest For Dummies” by Kelby Carr and Giveaway [Closed]

Pinterest for Dummies Pinterest has, seemingly overnight, become the hottest new social media website. I have been an avid pinner for the past several months and I absolutely love it. I can, and have on many occasions, spent several hours on Pinterest, and whenever I introduce the website to someone, I always warn them of its amazing ability to lure you in and keep you entertained until you realize that there was something you were supposed to be doing. It’s hard to believe that Pinterest was initially launched in 2010, only because it is just now becoming so popular, but it just goes to show you that in the internet world. it may take years for what you are doing to catch on, but it could very well have the ability to catch on in a big, big way.

Naturally, like just about every other popular activity and subject that urges people to need to know each and every possible thing there is to know about it, Pinterest now has its own For Dummies book. It’s official, guys; Pinterest has arrived, and the time to hop on that bandwagon is now.

Pinterest For Dummies was written by an innovative and just plain awesome woman who is part of a group of people who have the potential to benefit greatly from the magic that is Pinterest: bloggers. Kelby Carr is the founder and CEO of Type-A-Parent, a popular social network and blog, and the Type-A-Parent Conference, which I annually hear tons of terrific things about. Her penning this how-to book makes absolute perfect sense.

I thought I had Pinterest pretty much figured out, and to my credit, I do know what I’m doing when it comes to working the website properly. I can pin images, repin images, I know about the comment capability that almost no one uses, and I know that the like button exists, which I have come to realize through my usage of the website, is used by people who are too embarrassed or lazy to repin an image but still want to make sure people know that they were there. It was while reading this book, however, that I realized I could use a few pointers when it comes to using Pinterest in order to self-promote my own projects and really make an influential difference ind doing so. Turns out I didn’t know everything. Imagine that.

Pinterest For Dummies has the answer to any Pinterest-related questions or concerns you may have. From how to set up an account and start pinning to the many devices you can access and use Pinterest on and controlling your privacy settings, it is all covered. In addition to the whole self-promotion aspect of Pinterest, I was also very interested in getting tips on using Pinterest as an organization tool, effective mood board, and event planning tool. My life has recently changed in some very drastic ways. My partner of six and half years became my fiance in mid-April and in the beginning of February we bought our own home. I am now in the middle of creating a warm and inviting home that signifies who we are and starting the very beginning stages of wedding planning simultaneously! Lo and behold, I not only found out the easiest way to organize the many things Pinterest can inspire, but I also learned how to make a board a collaborative project and read about how it can also be used as a shopping list, a bookmarking site, and even using it to support a cause. There’s a whole lot of valuable information in this book.

The last two chapters of Pinterest For Dummies are also great resources. Chapter 11 lists 10 companies that are using Pinterest effectively, including Etsy, Lowe’s Whole Foods, and Better Homes and Gardens. Chapter 12 lists 10 power pinners that if you have a Pinterest account, you should be following. I was pleased to find out that I already follow the majority of the people who were listed and I definitely agree with the recommendations. The 10 people listed in this book have already been inspiring me on Pinterest exponentially throughout the past several months that I have been using the website.


If you just started using Pinterest and want information on how to make the most of it, if you don’t yet have an account but are thinking about joining the countless people already using the site, or even if you believe yourself to be an expert Pinterest user, I am confident in saying that you can benefit from reading Pinterest For Dummies. So how would you like to win a copy of the book for yourself? To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.

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I received a copy of “Pinterest For Dummies” for review and the opportunity to host this giveaway as part of a promotional program with Global Influence. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

25 thoughts on “Book Review: “Pinterest For Dummies” by Kelby Carr and Giveaway [Closed]”

  1. I would give this to my husband! He tried pintrest and went, “I just don’t get it…” and never tried again lol

  2. I recently discovered Pinterest and absolutely love it! I would really like to read the book to find out what it can be used for.

  3. I’m a member and knew how to follow people but that is about it. I would love to win this. Then maybe I can do more on Pinterest.

  4. I use Pinterest to collect recipes, craft projects, contest entries, and things that are visually interesting to look at so I can escape into them when I need a place to daydream.

  5. I would use Pinterest for roller derby or my other hobbies. But I have no idea how to use it so the book would be really helpful.

  6. I am starting a new blog and would like to use Pinterest to stay in touch with my followers.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  7. I don’t really use pinterest right now because i don’t know how to use it. I am sure this book would change that.

  8. I’m on Pinterest but would like to learn more! I love the “Dummies” books for learning the ins and outs of things I’m interested in. Thanks for offering this great giveaway–and good luck to all! 🙂

  9. I haven’t read this book yet. But would like to know what they offer in addition to what it’s already out there. I’ve been using Pinterest pretty well, but do know that more interesting things could be “behind closed doors.”

  10. I use it to find and share great ideas but I would like to learn how to use it to promote my blogs a bit too.

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